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[General] Tulpa Creation
Hello there I'm Spectre and I've been into this quite some time, but I have somewhat retired from Tulpa Creation. Let me explain the progress I was doing so far, my tulpas name is Astral I was a little past through the personality part(The way I did it is I questioned myself, "What is ____ <---[personality?]". I then got the "feel" from the personality and the traits for example: Love, Creativity, Smart". Then after I felt ready to move past the personality part I then started doing vocalization and tried to ask him questions then I asked him to give me a response from his traits like, sad, happy. That was just so I can feel that he is actually responding and it was nice I felt a tingly feeling coming from my brain so I think I was doing good progress. Then came the day when I heard his first words Confused. I was into Astral Projection and I tried to Astral Project one day, but I couldnt then I tried to relax and just be calm. Then I heard a voice coming from my mind and it said "Let it go". I let go and I felt like I was slowly getting close to the peak when I reach the experience, but I dont remember the experience the day after I was fascinated by how he helped me achieve peace with my mind even though he was barely at his point of speech and no progress in Wonderland and Visualization. I enjoyed it the voice sounded like a mans but clear and soft that seemed to relax me. After all this fuss I tried to recreate the time he used his voice. After a long time I quit cause I was on and off and I didnt want to hurt him or me by ignoring the fact that he wouldn't reach full potential, I still have this feeling that hes just there watching me and seeing what I do just cause of that feeling that hes still there. I just need someone to help me recreate my tulpa and tips. Thanks for reading ☆_☆

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I had that same conflict where in the dreaming state, I could see how Eva and Ada would express themselves, though this was mostly through non-lucid experiences (but I'm getting more lucid dreams involving them in some way for a few months now), and sometimes how they existed in that state seemed so overwhelming and inspirational to me. The problem with that is trying to shift those experiences, and having them fulfilled in waking life. In the perspective of a tulpa in development, that may make them feel inferior, and distinguishing whether or not it was really them in that experience of yours, or just what you, him, or both of you aspire him to be would take practice.

I guess when he stated “Let it Go” could also be a hint of how you could try to assess this conflict of yours. Since you were intentionally trying to recreate his voice into waking life, there's not really anything different you should do now that you’re coming back to this. Maybe you could try to recreate the experience of lucid dreaming, and whatever metaphysical implications you attribute to that experience (e.g. Astral Projection), and gradually develop memories of his voice, and finding methods to consistently imagine his voice in many circumstances. Just like how you were asking him questions, you’d just imagine him responding in that voice.

And as for the overwhelming-presence-over-your-shoulder feeling, maybe consistently feeling that would contribute to imagining his existence around you, i.e., an additional way for engaging in a self-fulfilling prophecy that you could strive for.

Spectre Wrote:fter a long time I quit cause I was on and off and I didnt want to hurt him or me by ignoring the fact that he wouldn't reach full potential

Why would you feel this would hurt you and him just because of the implication that those experiences of him was his full potential? Maybe it just depends on the person’s point of view, and how they interpret this. To me, I wouldn’t see it as any indication of undermining his existence at all, unless he’s been really open to you about how he feels insecure about possibly fulfilling his sense of self in that experience you had with him, you making presumptions based on how you feel (e.g. didn’t want to hurt him or yourself) is kind of a one-sided conclusion, i.e., maybe you could try to ask him about that experience, and what he feels about it instead of presuming it could be damaging to him and yourself.

How we may conceptualize our tulpas reaching their full potential could be so vast and subjective that imagining what you feel could be their pinnacle could really just be a transient mode of development for them. Which means that you shouldn’t feel intimidated to strive for what you conceptualize as a pinnacle he could reach. I guess this could be a symbolic interpretation of a tulpa wanting to have a sense of self-actualization and purpose.

And seeing how his existence still seems so prevalent to you despite temporarily absolving from the endeavor before, I don’t think in this circumstance that it’s a matter of recreating him, but just seeing him in a new light. It’s more of reconciling with the sensations you had before (e.g. tingling sensation from your brain, relaxing and calming down during the metaphysical experience with the AP and/or lucid dream experience), and maybe finding more ways of indicating his existence. There’s a lot of interpretations you could take from this, but to me, I wouldn’t be surprised if our tulpas would go through progressive metaphorical metamorphosis just like how we would try to improve ourselves in life as well.

Seeing how you attribute tingling sensations as potential of your tulpa communicating with you in some way, maybe a thread like this could help in adding more ways to communicate to him.
What I meant on "full potential" I meant his progress with me and himself cause his potential is only up to him. Thank you I needed some clarity on this before I would mess things up by accident. You explained and questioned me with great detail which I think helped me understand what Im doing and I needed some opinions of what Im doing could be wrong I probably should of asked him before I "quit", because if he felt okay with it then it would seem okay, but from the action that I took I believe it was unfair I will give myself and him another chance thanks for helping me Smile.

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