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(This is my first ever post in this forum, I apologize if I did something incorrectly with the Prefix, post, etc.)
Hello everyone. I am new to the aspect of Tulpae and this forum. I have a couple questions about Tulpae.

I’m unsure about creating a Tulpa. I just learned about the concept the other day and I get the gist of it: essentially, a sentient imaginary being with a mind and personality of its own living in my head who can be a friend, a guide, etc. who knows/understands you in a way no one else can. I very much like the concept of ALWAYS having a friend like that with me. But even so, I’m unsure/nervous about it. I’m afraid of messing up somehow, and if something went wrong the only way to “get rid of it” would be essentially killing it. Which I of course would ABSOLUTELY want to avoid. I’m really looking for some general advice about the subject.

If I was to try to create a Tulpa, what would be the best way to do so? I’ve seen links on Google of people talking about fast ways, and their own ways of doing so. But what is the BEST way?

In terms of how my Tulpa initially looks, would it be bad to choose the form of a Pokemon? (The looks of any one, NOT the personality of an individual one from an episode, movie, etc.)
I am aware that the Tulpa is self-aware and can change its appearance by itself, but what about initially? If I should choose something else, what would be good suggestions?

One thing I’m worried about is literally losing control of myself. I’ve read that it is possible to allow the Tulpa to “switch places with the host” and “pilot” the host’s body to look, touch, explore the environment. Is it possible for the Tulpa to take control of the host’s body against his/her will?

What will the Tulpa see through me? I know that it develops its own personality over time, and sees the world through me. What if I’m doing something private like using the bathroom or something else like that? Or if I’m playing video games that have violence (Halo, Destiny, Bioshock, etc.) could the Tulpa be scarred or have its personality altered by seeing things like that?

I apologize if I put a lot in one post. I would love to have a companion like this. But I’m afraid that if I try this, I might mess something up. Any advice/information would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Welcome to the forum. Having doubts about creating one is entirely understandable, take as much time as you need to decide. It is a commitment once you do make one, as they do in fact stick around for life.

As for how to go about it, there isn't really a way to make it happen fast. Developing a mind takes time, just enjoy the journey as it happens. Regarding the form, fictives (tulpas based off of fictional characters) are fairly common and there's nothing wrong with basing the form off of one, as long as you and your tulpa understand that they are not actually that character.

Switching is a voluntary act, for the most part your tulpa cannot switch with you if you do not allow it. Though it is unlikely they'd ever want to betray you like that anyway, as most tulpas are quite empathetic and care very much about their host.

Your tulpa will generally see what you see, yes. That is not to say that this has to be the case 24/7, as they are capable of going into the wonderland, going to sleep while you remain awake, etc. It is unlikely your tulpa would be scarred by such things, but if you're worried about what kind of person they become, just make sure to do a good job teaching them values and such. Usually the host is quite influential towards the tulpa during their development.

No worries, there is a lot of important information to know about tulpas, so a post asking stuff like this is quite reasonable. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask.
Yo, my name is Sean and I'm the host of 2 tulpas: Sente and Mae. You'll know when they're talking because Sente talks in yellow text and Mae talks in blue text.
Thank you for the information.
I appreciate it very much
Please do not feel uptight about formalities. Be at ease and write/express yourself at your choosing.

Echoing what I'd stated in your other thread, I applaud you for taking the forethought to consider the ethical and moral ramifications of having a tulpa. You must realise they are not toys or baubles embalmed within our minds, so I feel you are already off to a great start.

As for "bad" tulpas, I will state that most of these cases were brought on by hosts who well deserved it - overreaction, uncertainty, fear and inability to adjust or cope accordingly forced them to do stupid and ignorantly cruel things to people they should have otherwise forgave and loved as fully and maturely as they were expected to. Even if your tulpa is scared and tries to "hurt" you, understand that you are the master of your own mind and body. This alone obliges you to seek the crux of the matter and never escalate an unfortunate occurrence into a catastrophe. Your tulpa, the pride of your creative and loving sentiments, shall respect and honour you for a stern and resolute capability just like anyone else will. Once you dispel the fog of hesitation resting in your heart, nothing shall ever come between you two!

The "best" guide is the one you choose and feel most resonant with. Some dispense with the notion of guides altogether, instead preferring to concentrate hard and very effectively upon a desired outcome (not unlike the Tibetan mystics of old). If you'd like somewhere to start, research F.A.Q. Man's guide and Irish's guide. Both are dated and have mostly fallen out of use, but understand that they are merely guidelines, not holy writ. An example would be to not give the notion of "hour counting" too much thought, as it's too regimental and mundane for some to incorporate fully into their forcing habits.

At the inception of the forum and as described in the above listed guides, there was a practise noted for being a prototypical form or being that would eventually change or fully gestate into a desired form with time and this usually presented itself as a small sphere or cloud of conscious matter. There oughtn't be any issues with choosing a specimen of pocket monster (pokemon) for the form, so long as you clearly demarcate your tulpa's existence and linked form from the specimen(s) that are seen within the pocket monster games.

I would not fear rogue possession. While tulpas gestate alongside new, relevant neural and nervous connections throughout the body they shall not forcibly possess you unless they know that is what you desire or you deliberately teach them deviant behaviour without proviso.

If you must have privacy, you can make a point of telling your tulpa over the course of its development that you require time to yourself for excretion, intimacy, et cetera. Additionally if you must segregate their observations in this manner, it would be advisable to also offer them a similar mode of privacy out of mutual respect and good honesty.

Likewise if you enjoy media or abstract representations of violence, it shouldn't be too much of an issue unless your tulpa specifically asks you otherwise. Sometimes when I am engaged in viewing or studying something unspeakable (for example, war crimes of various state and military forces) my tulpa chooses to detach herself by going in "the bunker", a special protective area in wonderland where she needn't experience what I do. At any rate since she shares my mind and body I elect to ask her before doing, saying or observing something dubious out of respect (and because I love her so much that I don't want to indirectly hurt her.)
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