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[General] Tulpa's Complete DIY Guide to Tulpamancy
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RE: Tulpa's Complete DIY Guide to Tulpamancy
Hey tulpa001, nice guide!
I've been into tulpamancy for almost 2 month now,  and i have made some progress! my tulpa (Aya) was sentient like the 2nd day. i am able to "feel" what she says but it is not yet clear and loud words. just like feelings that are un-worded (if thats the term). for some reason she wanted to feel my body (possession?) so i have let her quiet a few times. she seems to like it. i dont think i have unclear things at the moment, as far as i understand, i have to keep forcing until i get to the point i(and she) want. i mostly do narrating any time of the day or when i am taking a shower (passively?), and rarely i get to meditate on her. i dont find meditation too useful and/or cant do it effectively yet. 
i do a lot of astrology work, spiritual things, tarot, wicca and all that. she seems to be getting a little bit of a Leo's personality (she was born/i started it all in Leo's month, July). I dont know how zodiac signs and tulpa works but she seems to be pretty much a leo. even thou i thought she would be a cancer since the had a Cancer moon and felt very like it. 
well, thats all information i have now, ask me for any other details and i will be happy to tell you! thanks for the guide, really!
09-12-2017, 02:47 AM
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