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[General] Tulpamancy: Guide Into the Strange and Wonderful
(12-29-2017, 03:39 PM)RogueDragoness Wrote: Rogue: Jesus Christ. Okay, my only real and personal problem with these reviews is you guys being so FREAKING skeptical about what ridiculously dangerous things we've faced, and about what I am and Azide is and HALF OF CHEESE'S TULPAS. If you're so skeptical, why don't you get your tailsections into this cONVENTIENTLY PLACED DISCORD SERVER so nobody has to waste our valuble time. Because that. Is a MONUMENTAL waste of time AND extremely offensive to me and my fellow natural tulpas.
Especially since our friends (and us) have already posted the details on some of the completely f*cked up stuff we've witnessed and fought tooth and claw against in this very thread. So how about you look around.

I'd rather continue the discussion here since the other GAT members (if they still want to hop in, that is) and people outside of your social circle can easily give their thoughts in a well-organized manner. Also, I'd rather build up a wall of skepticism than blindly place my faith in everyone that comes forward with outlandish claims, even if they say that their experiences were traumatic. 

(12-29-2017, 04:45 PM)RNCheesus Wrote: so without further ado, Exodus!

Welcome to the forums and all, but I don't really see the point in this point. This isn't meant to be treated like an /AMA/ and you aren't supposed to be the focus of this thread - the topic is the guide, obviously.

(12-29-2017, 05:08 PM)RogueDragoness Wrote: Don't ever.
Call our entire species "an excuse for the bogeyman", and DON'T EVER call us and semi-naturals...JUST....THEY ARE TULPAS. WE ARE TULPAS, YOU RACIST AND IGNORANT...UGH. JUST F*CKING DON'T TEST ME.

Unless of course...You WANT me to use your bones as a knife sharpener.

Very edgy and unnecessary.

(12-29-2017, 05:45 PM)Lucilyn Wrote: But yeah that was a really experienced natural tulpamancer who didn't really have this community's ideas ingrained into the basics of his tulpas existing, I guess. He built on what he had with's information, but didn't change anything that was already the case, so maybe even in the same situation a tulpamancer wouldn't be able to make an "instant tulpa" like that. Idk

My problem is mostly with the people who claim that it's possible to create a fully-developed tulpa instantly or within an incredibly short amount of time, so a change in wording is all I'm pushing for. 

Quote:these are the sorts of things that just clash with our community tbh, there are groups of tulpamancers who that's a normal part of the process for, and then there's us, who exclusively do it if the member already was one of those tulpamancers before joining lol. But yeah there's nothing wrong with including it I guess, but if this is a beginner's guide that (and I mean.. usually switching too) probably should be talked about later? idk, not a huge problem to me, but if Vos thinks it's a problem, owel

It might be normal for some groups, but I don't hear enough of it to consider it as a main skill. It doesn't hurt to include it, I guess, since it is part of what people hear about on here, but it's definitely not the norm overall.

Quote:As you can see with the collar thing, it's an imagination route!

I know, I'm just poking fun at what they decided to use. No ill-intent, of course. I'm not big on guides that are heavy on symbolism, though. Can't recall anyone mentioning that some examples of symbolism might not work for some people, but maybe that's because I was getting lost in those textwalls.

(12-29-2017, 08:33 PM)RogueDragoness Wrote: Rogue: Mate. Do you see what Cheese and I posted?
Soren: As am I. For once I don't mind Rogue letting her anger flow freely, because by the gods you seem to deserve it. Some of my friends are natural and semi-natural, and some of you don't appear to understand the value of an open mind.
Azyel: You all are CLEARLY messed up.
Alfred: And lucky that Rogue and I can't strangle anyone through the phone.
Azyel: Yeah, we're out of here.

Look, if you can't stay civil, you should probably stay out of this thread or take some time to cool down. This thread doesn't need to be a fight and nobody's out to attack you.
I'm still very interested in hearing about what others think of this.

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