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[General] Tulpamancy: Guide Into the Strange and Wonderful
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RE: Tulpamancy: Guide Into the Strange and Wonderful

This thread is a 5 star example of why I think this community is way too driven by feelings to actually derive meaningful statistics from. Any time someone (clo, in this case) makes a claim or observation that goes against someone's views on things, the first words I see thrown around are "hurtful" and "offensive". This is why tulpas will never be taken seriously, because you people cannot for the life of you understand that we're trying to figure shit out here, not trying to have a conversation about how you feel.

This is really serious and sad to me, because I really do think tulpas can be greatly beneficial to many people, as they were for me, especially in this day and age, and they are a wonderful psychological phenomenon; but due to the amount of "feelings" ridden guides and resources we have, the great majority of people who are going to get into it are, to be very blunt, the magicks people, while most people with any sort of critical thinking skills - you know, the people we actually want since they're the ones who are more likely to make worthwhile contributions - will be turning up their noses at it thinking it's just another product of the dark ages.

Since we're on the topic of personal experience and all that, let me tell you that if I ever used the word "feelings", or "hurtful" when discussing tulpas in a "how do they work" context, Luna, my tulpa, would laugh at me until the sun froze. Ok, probably not, because she's too sweet for that, but she'd think it ridiculous, and probably tell me to stahp.

Also, the way you're responding is "HOW *NOT* TO RESPOND TO CRITIQUE" levels of bad.
01-11-2018, 09:16 PM
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