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[General] What are the pros and cons to living with a Tulpa?
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What are the pros and cons to living with a Tulpa?

Self explanatory really.
If living with a Tulpa is permanent, I just want to have an idea of what to be prepared for.
So, what would you say are the pros and cons of living with a Tulpa?
06-01-2018, 09:12 PM
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RE: What are the pros and cons to living with a Tulpa?

This is just a page from my book, so please do not take what is stated herein as complete or universal.

I feel that if one creates a tulpa under good reasoning (in my case, to share the goodness and blessings latent in this world), there is groundwork laid for what can be a mutually fulfilling and deeply satisfying coexistence. Should you inculcate within your tulpa values you feel becoming of an upstanding person, the cons will be little more than physical limitations or results of ignorant taboos extant from societal inabilities to grasp the tulpa phenomenon.

pros: having someone who will remain within you and at your side until you cease to live. Sharing a kind of relationship you both feel comfortable in partaking in (the lines are somewhat blurred as we as hosts are creators, ideally we ought to let our tulpas choose who they wish to be to us whether this involves being like a child, a lover, a friend, a sibling...). Having someone who will go well out of their way to not only prove that they exist as conscious and free-willed entities, but also risk their comfort and equivalent livelihood to assist and please you (within healthy limits). Basically you will not just make but meet somebody else who knows you just as if not better than you know yourself. Even if you feel lost and permanently disenfranchised and unloved, they can provide a new life with meaning and growth for you both.

cons: not many people are understanding enough or ready to accept tulpas as sentient entities with underpinnings befitting human life and intelligence. Be prepared to find distaste if not outright hostility from skeptics and spiritual advisors, who will label you as deluded and possessed (if not worse) respectively. Even within the different nodes of the tulpa community, steel yourself to the aspect that not everyone is open to your interpretation and observations regarding tulpas as the phenomenon is nearly totally subjective. You may need to be wary speaking of the subject with loved ones, as the very idea of people who appear and behave like free-willed imaginary friends can be rejected or sounded out by people you'd felt otherwise comfortable sharing good confidence in. There is also difficulty in trying to reconcile certain traditions and conventions with your tulpa (for instance, we're more or less stumped on how to be baptised separately and married in a Church, as much as that pains us). If you have deep-seated fears, complexes and neuroses regarding how you appraise yourself and others there may be a leaching effect if you are not careful.

Surely there are many others who can posit much more than I can think of now. Until then, we ask that you give thorough consideration as to your readiness: much like other significant lifestyle changes, there ought to be investment of valuable time and weighing-out of options before making the plunge. I understand some of the cons I'd mentioned seem more readily apparent, significant or numerous than the pros, yet from my perspective I can state this is all well and worth it. If you do choose to go through with the creation process, review the basics and remain patient. Do not allow the limitations and unpleasant experiences of others hold you back.

Gypsy lady,

your miracle worked for me.

You set my soul free like a ship sailing on the sea!
06-02-2018, 11:55 PM
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