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Girl Subforum
Can there be a subforum for girls, where we can talk about stuff that doesn't apply to boys?
And then... Insanity...
Guys. My Progress ;-;

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No, stop being sexist. If you want to talk about your vaginal discharge or your nipples swelling, or your period, go talk to a forum for that. Half of the girls here have dicks anyway.
Stop indulging in your male power fantasies Averian.
If there's no male subforum, there should be no female one. simple as that.
I agree with Averian. We don't need a girl or boy subform. It's sexiest.
I agree with Averian. The sexism of indicating that one gender is more entitled to privacy than the other isn't right. Then things become even more of a mess once you factor in transgender members.

The other thing to consider is the uselessness of trying to create a girls-only subforum.
I'll just quote myself from the OT thread, since I was an idiot and didn't realize that the frontline had moved before I posted.

NeonKnights Wrote:I'm not a staffmember, so this isn't really my concern, but... An entire subforum? Why not just politely note in the title of whatever thread you create that you only want replies from women if it's about something sensitive and exclusive to girls? If it's about privacy and not wanting icky boys to read all about your girl-things, it's not like guys aren't going to be peeping in on a girls' subforum, so it makes no real difference.

...Unless they have a way to make a subforum that's invisible to users who have their gender set to anything other than "female". But then, it would be easy enough for a curious male to just switch that gender setting...
Once again, assuming this is a privacy concern.
"You've got to believe to achieve." -Hank Hill
Why not just... you know, make your own IRC for that kind of thing? For starters, yeah like others have been going on about, it's a little feminist... okay, really feminist. That's all well and good, but neither really matter here.

Just accept that this is admittedly a male dominated community. Not through belief systems per say, but through the number of people it generally attracts. I don't think there's enough active females on the forums anyway to even justify another forum specifically for girls. Hell, if anything, there should be a forum made specifically for guys.

It'd be just as pointless, but it'd be more justified than a "Girls-Only Secret Clubhouse."

And even then, you're arguing that there's a girl's only. The boys will still have to come through because of their "Majority Female Identified tulpalamas". So unless you plan on excluding female tulpalamas who just happen to have male hosts, you're not going to get many people. In fact, you'd just make them feel alienated if you did that. Like they're not real.

And FINALLY, this community is supposed to have it's main goal for information. Instead of shitting this place up, why don't you go spend your time with your clearly superior "non-waifu whatsoever" tulpalamas.

[Removed due to ignored request by another mod. You should probably also take to heart yourself what you wrote in the paragraph above. -Chupi]
Feh, you put it better than me. If she can't smell what The Rock is cooking, then there's no helping her.
"You've got to believe to achieve." -Hank Hill
It's not fair if Eva and Ada can't talk about their psychosomatic vaginal discharges and prolapses to other females because I'm a male. Even if the subforum were to exist, there would be some level of misandry at some point. And OP, you're like 13, at least that's what shows up on your profile. You wouldn't like it to have older guys reading a thread where you talk to other females on why guys like larger boobs.

Then if there's any soccer moms or housewives, or milfs that show up, hello child abuse lawsuits to any guy poking fun at younger girls. It's not going to happen, or at least last very long.
I am actually going to disagree with the reasoning of the rest of these posters. In my eyes having a sub forum for the girls to post sort of implies that the rest of the forum is primarily for men(much like how an artist gallery magazine might 'dedicate'/confine female artists to a single article once a month rather than showing them with everything else)

If you want to talk girl things you could also make a large general thread in off topic to talk about whatever you like.

Moon shooter, you could tone down that last sentence in your post.


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