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There are two lists on this post, both of which are comprised of submissions that need to be reviewed by the GAT. These lists are called the Backlog List and the Current List. 

The Backlog List is comprised of submissions that have been building up over time without reviews. Some submissions may have been excluded from this list due to OP inactivity. If you believe a submission of yours should be added, message myself or Ranger. Besides old submissions, nothing should be added to the Backlog List. The goal of this list is to clear it entirely and have only the Current List. All GAT members are expected to complete their reviews of the backlog list by 9/16, however that may be extended if necessary.

The Current List will be any new submissions that get posted. Each new submission should have its own deadline of two/three weeks after it was posted, unless another submission was posted before it. If you make a new submission, that's where it'll be added, and not the Backlog List.

Backlog List (deadline 9/16):
1. On Forcing: Developing the Consciousness by Shinyuu (Reviews submitted: Felights - 6 more needed)
2. Topics to Talk About With Your Tulpa by Felights (Reviews submitted: Gavin, Ranger, AZ - 3-4 more needed)
3. On Tulpas -- an Essay about Plurality by Shinyuu (Reviews submitted: Felights - 6 more needed)
4. How to Dissipate a Tulpa by Gavin (Reviews submitted: Felights - 5-6 more needed)

Current List:
This list is currently empty. If you'd like to submit something, post it here.

GAT members: AZ, Breloomancer, Felights, Gavin of JGC, Osaka, Ranger, YukariTelepath

3/16/19: Created log for transparency, Foghorn Meditation's review period ends by OP request, How to Refocus on Your Wonderland goes up for review
3/30: Moved "Refocus...Wonderland" to the bottom per OP request, How to Switch goes up for review
4/15: How to Switch review period ends, How to Visualize in 1st Person goes up for review
4/18: "How to Dissipate a Tulpa" added
4/22: Visualize in First Person approved, Simple & Straightforward goes up for review
5/12: Simple/Straightforward approved, Vocalization Practices goes up for review
5/25: Vocalization Practice approved, Refocus/Wonderland moved to bottom per OP's request, Easy guide/hear your tulpa goes up for review
6/11: "Easy/hear" review period ends, "On Forcing" goes up for review.
6/17: Reviews put on hold.
6/26: Refocus/Wonderland removed from list, review counters added

7/16: Reviews resumed
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The GAT now has a full team again. The review process has been resumed, and the current backlog of submissions has been given a deadline of 9/16. Any new submissions will be given their own immediate deadline, separate from the backlog one.
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