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Heart and SS's Possession Logs
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Heart and SS's Possession Logs

Well, I decided that I’m going to start a log for how this is going, and my track my progress… Thus being called a ‘progress log’. SS and I were pretty excited to get this started, with the goal being a full possession and maybe even a Switch later on. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’ll start by explaining our situation and relationship.

Host – Tulpa Relation

SS and I have known each other for a long time. He was initially created by myself in grade 9 – 10 as an imaginary friend of sorts, however. Back then I was convinced it was all real. Thoughout our ‘adventures’, and just communicating within my own environment, SS became more than just my imagination, and gained a sentience.
However, around the end of grade 10, and the beginning of grade 11, or relationship started to get more and more distant. I started focusing more and more on other stories, and human relationships, and less on him. Eventually, I started ignoring him altogether. Sometimes, I knew he was still there, because I would hear him, or sometimes glimpse him in my mind’s eye. It wasn’t until very recently that we started communicating again – with the coaxing from a friend of mine. After a few tests, I knew he was there once again (Even though he was a bit miffed at me).
The idea of possession sparked and interest in both of us, and we started reading up on it right away. SS had always wanted to interact with the ‘real world’, and I had always been interested in things like this. So I made a promise, that in return for the years I ignored him, I’d allow him to use my body – and now here we are, writing this log.
We’ve never heard the term ‘tulpa’ before, and decided to read up on everything it meant. Since then, we’ve created a ‘wonderland’ for us both – which turned out to be a forest clearing, and I’ve symbolically allowed him complete access to my memories and subconscious – through showing them as paths in the forest.

Anyway, enough of that. Let’s get on with this log.

Day One – the first attempt:

To start, I put myself in a comfortable position at my work desk, with my hands on my desk in front of me. To allow less distraction, I shut my eyes, and focused only on SS. I tried my best not to think about anything but him. I just pictured him in the Wonderland. And told him to try and move anything he sees fit. It was then I felt him ‘enter me’. Which sounds weird, I know, but that’s what it felt like. I felt a weight enter through my head, and push me down a bit. I focused on this sensation, and continuously talked to him. I found it best not to tell him what to do, but just encourage him to keep going. After about 2 minutes or so, the index finger of my left hand got stiff, and very, very slowly, it rose off the deck. This probably took about 3 or 4 minutes. I felt it move around a bit. I was so happy it was working, I found it so difficult not to focus on it. Every time I did, it stopped. I had to remain focused on him.
It seemed that once he got moving the first finger down, the others were easier. It was slow, but eventually he had my whole hand. (FYI. While he was possessing it at first, my hand/finger(s) was/were shaking, like if I was cold.) This was about 15-20 minutes in.
Unfortunately, after this happened, my mom walked in and scare us both, breaking our concentration. I thought it was over for that session, but I definitely thought wrong.
I started to watch a video on YouTube, my left hand on my lap. Suddenly, it started twitching. I was really surprised, he still had it. Eventually, he was moving around the whole thing, and was practicing moving the fingers. During this, my eyes weren’t closed at all, and I was focusing on my YouTube video, and talking to a friend. Eventually, he was able to even type a message to said friend – with some help from myself. This is when we decided to call this session quits. When he ‘came out’, he was really tired, and looked sort of faded. I had to say I was definitely worried. It seemed that when I was focusing on him, it wasn’t as straining on him as when I was focusing on other things.

Let’s get on to SS’s point of view.

SS: All right, I’m not going to write a book for you like my counterpart, but I’ll tell you what I did.
Okay, when we started, I went into the Wonderland, and onto the ‘subconscious’ pathway. This is where I think she must have felt that weight, because I felt a bit light-headed. I started trying to visualize my hand as hers, and just drained all my attention onto that. It was pretty difficult, but she kept giving me a pep-talk so, I knew I must be doing something right.
Then when I really started to get into it, her mom walked in. Made us both jump. I was so frustrated. Especially when Heart suggested we quit for this session. That’s when I noticed something back in the wonderland. I knew I still had it. It was hard, but I got it moving somewhat fluently. But, it was draining to do. After a while, I left the pathway, and we took a break.

Heart: Well, that’s it for our First Session experience. Might try again later tonight.
01-02-2014, 06:29 AM
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