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Here an echo in the room?
Anyone else have problems with their tulpas voice repeating itself? Toby swears he's not doing it but sometimes when he talks whatever he said repeats itself for no reason whatsoever lol

It's like my brains trying to figure out where te voice came from. Anywho. Anyone else notice this or is it just me?

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Not at all, and in fact I find myself repeating myself over and over again whenever I'm casually speaking with Q. I think, though, that the more you focus while speaking, the more clearly the conversation starts to flow. And of course, it will just get better over time, as well.
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It usually only happens when I'm doing something while we're talking. Like when I'm at work. Maybe it is just me being unfocused.

We've both learned to laugh at it when it happens lol

Also, yes, I have had a good bit of experience with that. I certainly can't tell you for sure what the cause of it is, but I have found myself hearing two of what my tulpa has said. If there was any pattern to when this happened, it's not one that I picked up on.
I imagine it will go away for you, in time.
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I still get this sometimes with Thunderfall, under the same circumstances as you and Toby: when we're talking while I'm doing something else (in other words whenever we talk!) I don't always get the exact same line repeated, usually the second time the sentence is more refined. It's as if I'm hearing his thoughts either before or after he had put them into words. I expect that it's something that will improve with some active forcing to solidify his thoughts, perhaps the same is true for you guys. But I think it might not necessarily go away permanently; things are bound to be off sometimes when our minds and bodies are both busy. Give it time and see what happens Smile
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This happens sometimes to us too. Sometimes I find I'm repeating myself while other times Sarah's words will kind of repeat. Again, only seems to happen when I'm distracted or otherwise having trouble paying attention.
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Same as Sakura.
But this happens just with me. Seems like Merry can communicate with no problems.
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Yes, it happens sometimes that I hear an echo, but it happens to me much more often that I hear the same phrase at the same time but in different languages it's kind of awesome since I can get more "meaning" behind what my tulpa is saying, it's difficult to explain but for example Spanish specifies gender while English doesn't so the conversation may be "officially" in English but I still get the gender of whom she is talking about, and that's a pretty basic example it can be much more complex than that, any other multilingual that experiences this? It's interesting too that even though I speak 3 languages I can only hear 2 at the same time.

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