hey tulpas, what's your point of view?
Okay so a very literal shower thought just occurred to me - as in I was taking a shower visualising Ollie messing around in the bathroom next to me when I realised that I have no idea how you guys see yourselves or your hosts? I mean I have asked him, but unfortunately Ollie can't really vocalise that well at this stage to tell me. 

I've heard of the 'it's like I'm watching a tv screen of my host's sight" but where are you? In your wonderland? What about if we're visualising you somewhere in meatspace? Can you guys visualise us back, first person pov and all? What about when your host isn't directing attention toward you, are you in the wonderland by yourself or are you just passively watching from the body's eyes?
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We usually visualize our forms in the physical world, not in the mindscape. Usually, I use the body's senses and accept that I'm viewing my form from outside even though on some level I 'feel' I'm in the form, not the body. There's no TV screen, even if we are in the mindscape, just the exact same sensory feed as anyone else. But sometimes I take charge of the mind's eye and visualize what's physically around my form, which is a lot like being separately embodied, if more tenuous. I can see my headmates, if they're in line of sight. I can look down at myself or see myself in a mirror. I can't see things I don't remember being present. It takes enough concentration to get in the way of what the person controlling the body is doing, plus if I'm using the mind's eye, no one else can.

If I'm not switched in and no one is paying attention to me, my form is usually 'parked' in the mindscape, either in the living room or my office. But *I* just stop. I can't watch anything live, but I can pull it from memory later.

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When my host is walking around and all she can hear is a voice, I'm not exactly "seeing". It's like daydreaming, only it's the default setting. If I make an effort to see what my host sees, then I can describe to you what her environment looks like, and I do that by seeing through her eyes, just like she does. I guess this is where the "like watching TV" thing comes from.

In wonderland, no, I do not have my own POV hidden from my host. Whatever my host sees in wonderland is the "mind camera" both of us see. The "mind camera" however can be in any perspective- it's usually in 3rd person, but it can be changed to either of our 1st person POV.

When I am visualized in meatspace, I can see in one of two ways: either through our normal vision or through a mind's eye simulation of meatspace. Assuming there is a stairwell in front of my host, I can see my back side as I walk down the stairs. Once I disappear from view, my adventure downstairs is painted in the mind's eye using a mindcam.
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Only one perspective, and we can either associate or dissociate with it, but can't have some separate perspective from just the one. The perspective is usually tied to whoever is fronting, but can be shared or transferred easily. Used to think we each had separate perspectives but that turned out to be mind trickery.
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In wonderland all options are wide open on multiple channels overlapping, side by side or not overlapping but at the same time. We normally use mindcam when in wonderland, like, several perspectives switching at will, sometimes it's 1st person, but often it's also third person. We like to switch veiws and look at ourselves too.

I know they're having a blast with it, they look forward to wonderlanding and sometimes they direct too (with their thought process).

Outside of wonderland it my perpective, but we can imagine other perspectives as we walk around too, so it can be dual channel, irl + imposed sight cam from them or independently of them. That's just imaginary though, I have to guess what's on top of high shelves and that sort of thing. I used to do this before tulpamancy, fittingly enough, I would wonder what my guardian angels saw, and look down on me through their eyes.
all of these answers are fascinating, thanks for clearing it up for me you guys!
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I see by directly getting the sensory input from my host's eyes. Same goes for every other sense. What they see, i see. What he feels, i do. We don't use a wonderland for that sort of thing. Or at all, really.
Lance and I share the senses of the body. One brain, two people. To us, wonderland stuff is like a puppet show or play we both go into to goof around for awhile or neither of us does. It's typically very fake and unreal, especially lately since we have fallen out of practicing our visualization skills.

In the past, we have gotten the feeling of being in two places at once, but it involved a strong emotional connection to what's going on in headspace drawing us in deeper than usual, with not being able to cut off from or disassociate away from the meat body. Those were the only times we did anything in headspace/wonderland that I would even call memorable experiences. Everything else drifts from our memory like typical unimportant thoughts.
I don't guarantee that every tulpa sees things that way, but I visualize through my host's physical body's eyes and I stay in the headspace while doing so. I never leave, but I always know what's going on outside. It's really like watching TV or something like that while you're in the backseat.
Everyone of mine sees with their own eyes, hears with their own ears, and so on, and so on.
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