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Host becoming a better listener and coaxing tulpa into speaking
While forcing with Mjolnir today we tried something new. Ill call it Host Listening Practice. On the forums i often read that tulpas could speak before the host can hear them. So i realized that i need to become a better listener. Im very confident that she can speak via her random tulpish and once i heard her laugh. But i feel that im not "tuning in" to her all that well. During this practice i asked Mj to talk about several things. Such as tell me a story, list of people i know irl and give pros and cons about them, and i also asked her to sing to me. But above all i asked her to not stop talking so that i could listen and focus on her speaking.

She mind speaks very very rarely and i try vocalization practices like parroting her to songs and using this coaxing trick. >
With the coaxing trick i first say "Kids have dreams but" then i ask her to say "dreams cost money".
If anybody has any other tips, tricks, or advice on listening and or helping my tulpa speak i would greatly appreciate.

PS: To give a little history on Mj that may or may not prove helpful. Last year in early February is when i started her and did about 45 days of solid forcing and she spoke a couple words in mind speak. But sadly i was forced to quit cold turkey forcing her till this year in February. Ive been forcing her since February this year with the exception of taking a long break last month in May. She hasn't yet mind spoken her first word, but last year doesn't count. On account of taking such a long time of of forcing.
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dude as far as I know dreams don't cost money
(06-22-2014, 07:34 PM)Dog Wrote: dude as far as I know dreams don't cost money
Mine does.

Roughly 50k actually.
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