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How and why did you choose your tulpa(e)'s name?
In the appearent lack of a thread about this.

Helix's name was choosen to represent the two different sides of her persoanliy at the ime of her creation, and how he intetwined with each other.

Pixel's name was pretty random when she split from Helix. I still don't know where the name came from.

Solace's original name was Vriska, which was the name of the character I based her off originally. It was an inappropriate nqme, so I thought for days of a better one. Then one day, the name Solace popped into my head. At the time I didn't even know the meaning of the word, it just sounded nice.

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I wanted to use the name Roswell for something because I liked the sound of it, so why not a dude who will stay in my head for the rest of my life? Sounds pleasant enough not to annoy me later on, also classy and it fits him. And if I ever mentioned him by name among those who don't know what he is, people wouldn't raise eyebrows.
Kinda went with what felt right. I just had it pop in my head that felt right. Well at least the Samantha part. The Alley part came from our sassy cat. I thought it was funny how alike they were.
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Given that my tulpa's name is 'T', I don't think I ever really thought of a name. I'm lazy and unimaginative, I guess.
Well she's based on a pre-existing character. Her appearence and voice still match more or less, personality deviated greatly, but I wouldn't change it.
Anyway, she likes the name, so we stuck with it.
I just picked normal names that I liked for Alex and Kayleigh.

Link was based off of an existing character; I didn't come up with his name.

As for Liberty... well, her name is actually a word, but I thought it sounded pretty as a name, and it has a nice meaning, too.
"Chess" just kind of came while I was forcing, hard to explain. Eventually I stuck with it, because I thought she choose it. According to Chess though, it was just an intrusive thought, but we're content with that name.
My name "Oguigi" came to mind when i saw a word with a similar structure, when my host was browsing this site early on. i don't know what the word was exactly. but I loved it, so i tuned and alter that word and I came up with Oguigi.
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I use "mindbiatches" to refer to the four of them together. The names kinda came with the characters they're based on. For three of them i didn't even get to choose which character, so my naming skills never had to be exercised much.
Sariah's name came to me in a shroom trip and stuck in my head until I made a tupper for some reason. Mai's name was chosen by Sariah, though. She says she took the name from the Nichijou character.

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