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How and why did you choose your tulpa(e)'s name?
My tulpae all picked their own names and forms, but due to their original self-chosen names sounding too much alike (Red and Rev) they ended up changing them to make it easier on me (Thomas and Wicker).
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Luna's name is based on her source character (Lucia Collins), though she later deviated away from that and towards looking more like Princess Kaguya.

Elise used to be called Europa, since I thought I'd get some theme naming going. But she apparently decided that was stupid, and I ended up bouncing names off of her until I chanced upon Elise, which she liked.

Saria is... well... Saria >.> And that's really all there is to say on the matter.

Naomi used to have a different name that I made up for her, but she started calling herself that one day after becoming sentient.
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I'm not exactly sure. I just really liked the name (has nothing to do with loving the series/character), and I immediately thought of it when I decided to make a tulpa. It felt...right. And now she loves the name, so that's good.
QB's form is Kyubey. So that is what I called him until he told me he liked the "fan name" for Kyubey, QB, better.
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q2's the host, QB's the tulpa.
Placidia is just a spin on the word placid. I chose it because hence her name, she is very easy going and relaxed.
... from some cruddy game.

Too well of a fit... name, form, and personality all being one word.
When I had originally thought up of Lisette, I had wanted to name her something that sounded like royalty and was unique. So I took Lisette from a character I had liked from an old anime and just was able to think of Stroiche one day randomly so I threw that in as well.

Sometimes "Lisette" can be a bit much to say, so I've got a nickname or two for her like "Ai" which works well.
Name: Lisette Stroiche
Creation date: 10/21/12
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I honestly can't remember how I came to name him Philip. Darn it.
Maybe from a movie or TV-show or something?

Amelie is French, but I didn't name her that because of the movie. It comes from Amalie and Amelia. Just smushed them together, and there you go.
Name: Philip
Age: (7 June, 2012)
Form: Male teenage human, light brown hair, green eyes, jeans & hoodie

Name: Amalia
Age: (15 Dec, 2012)
Form: Female teenage fairy, black hair, blue eyes, white dress
I have a horrible habit of associating a name with whomever i know with that name, and therefore i chose the most beautiful name i know, that i´ve never met anyone with.
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Why wasn't this a thread already?

Nova was a play on the name Noah. I took the name from a character I was going to write into a short story but didn't end up doing. In the story Noah was a human while Nova was an AI. Other than naming the characters I didn't really do much with them, so it made a good clean slate for me to start with.

I've been calling him Nova almost exclusively but recently I've been using Nova as his online username and Noah when I actually talk to him, it's just taking a while to get used to.

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