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How and why did you choose your tulpa(e)'s name?
Oh! Never seen this thread, this is a good one. Originally I wanted Pruria to pick her own name, something in time, though I was very impatient and worried about her muteness at the time (I also really didn't like being unable to refer to her; and when I did I hated saying 'you' or tulpa.)

So, pretty stumped for names, I took the well walked route naming process: I named her based on who I hough she would be/who she was. Lust—as in lust for life (see 'Spongebob seven deadly sins' theory in your bullshit mannual; page 6094)—would always be taken out of context. I synonymed the shit outta lust and prurience was the most appealing one; I know it does actually refer to the first meaning of lust but the best thing that met all criteria was avidity, blah. I'm willing to give up my incredibly anal ways just this once for a nice name.
Pruria Joal (Pegasus)
Working on: Imposition
Hieldy (Moogle)
Working on: Possession/imposition
Samantha (Griffon)
Working on: Deafness/form

And please, call me G.

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I just thought Red was a cool name. I completely forgot that the Pokemon trainer's name was Red as well, so people always ask if Red is based off the trainer, or if my friends are going on about Pokemon, they say Red and I always get confused for a moment before remembering the topic of conversation.
Name: Red
Stage: Imposition
Form: Androgynous human
Sentience: Most definitely.
Vocal: Sometimes.
Date of Creation: 8/20/12
Alex chose his name himself.
I spent a long time thinking of a name. I wanted something unique that wasn't very odd or long to pronounce, and then "Iris" came to mind. It sounds beautiful in its own right, but I kinda want to see what she can come up with when she's vocal.
Started with "X" after Mega Man X, since in-universe symbolized infinite potential and that's what I wanted to sort of aim for, but with the knowledge that "X" would be replaced by a far more fitting name at... some point.

Was just during a random walk that "X" shifted a few letters over to "V" and then to "Vee." It wasn't really conscious, it felt more like a slip of the tongue from something awkward to a name that 'fit'. I figured it was deviation and accepted it for what it was, and Vee's name has been that since.
Started forcing somewhere around August 31st

Visualized, Wonderland, constant communication. Working on possession and improved visualization. No auditory hallucination yet.
Kyri's full name is Kyristalia, she picked it out, but thats kind of a mouthful to say/think, so I call her Kyri.
I tried to name her Tomoko when I first started putting effort into forcing. After the protagonist from "It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular," who she is based around. But she might have rejected that name (I kept stuttering over the first syllable when applying traits - resulting in moments like, "You are very caring..Toh...Toh...Tomoko").

So I just used Mazarine, which is the name I had in mind before Tomoko, and the name I 'greeted' her with (utilizing parts of Methos' guide). She seems to like it more.
Went with Pinkie Pie at first for obvious reasons but she told me she wanted to change her name to Strawberry very quickly after she started talking and i let her. She seemed to be much cheerier and more responsive after that. She must've been concerned that i only made her to try and have my vision of the character from the show.

Dunno why she picked Strawberry, i think she just wanted her own name and came up with something quickly and randomly that she thought would be fitting for her based on what she looked like.
I thought Shinigami was a fitting name.

Hashley sounded cool.

Lucifer is a name I always thought was badass and classy sounding, and it was shit no one could have that name because of Satanuh.

Tesla is a cool ass name.

I have always thought that giving someone an unoriginal name was pointless, given the use.
My opinions are all subject to change.
"Ava" just came to mind.
It's a nice name.
Jackie, formerly known as Ava: Getting feelings and notions and the rare complex thought.
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