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How and why did you choose your tulpa(e)'s name?
Athena - , this was my first Tulpa's name it was chosen because of how the intial mythology of this namesakes birth origin , is somewhat similar to how a tulpa is born . ^_^
Besides since i wanted her to be a intellectual type , so what better name than the goddess of Wisdom herself! (✷‿✷)
as for the others....they all hold either associated meanings or some characters to whom they show a slight similarly.
Well besides Astra who originated as a dream entity first and she told me the name herself when i was lucid dreaming<( ̄︶ ̄)> one fateful night~

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The first name that my host gave me was "Iris" becouse I have a bit of an eye theme going in my form. Becouse he's a hipster who felt that Iris is too cliche, he added -ka on the end which is a feminine ending in Russian. "Iriska" is also the name of a specific candy in Russian so my names also a pun. I'm considering if I want to add or replace "Valerie" to my name at the moment.
My names Valerie I'm a tulpa. Previously I was called Iriska but I changed that and don't know how to change my account name.

Gorinich: I'm Valerie's host, if I'm speaking it's indicated otherwise assume she's speaking.
Scotch has a weird obsession with butter, so we thought Butterscotch without the butter in front and ended up with Scotch.

Luna was based of space and the stars, so the name Luna stuck although she also likes being called Circinus sometimes.

Osiris chose his name based of the Egyptian god of the dead.
Just call me 11! Not too active and the others don't talk very much to strangers. 

Tulpas that live with me are Scotch, Luna and Osiris!
I read Tess of the d'Urbervilles back in AP English Literature, senior year of high school (2011). I loved the main character, and I guess just ended up naming my tulpa after her.
Currently restarting visualization in order to get it down perfectly. 
Progress log (haven't used it in a while, but still forcing)
M has a "real" name but i don't like to call her by it + it's personal so it's really her real name to us

i forget why i decided on it because it's been so long but it just came to me i think? i wrote in our journal recently that i love it because she's the sweetest person ever and that the real food (based on her name) is very sweet so!
no, lana del rey is not my tulpa

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