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Poll: Was deciding on a concept easy or difficult for you?
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Personality was easy, appearance was more difficult
12 30.00%
Appearance was easy, personality was more difficult
7 17.50%
Both were easy
17 42.50%
Both were difficult
4 10.00%
Total 40 vote(s) 100%
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How did you decide on your tulpa's personality and appearance?
I'd guess both were easy for me, then again I 'created' the tulpa in a dream and allowed it to be whatever it wanted for form and personality.

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For me it was easy. I had created mine long before I knew exactly what a tulpa was. My girls appearance and personality was never a problem. It just came to them and over time they evolved as they wanted. I never feared they were parroting because well I just understood they weren't. They were their own people with their own thoughts, feelings, and soul. And they've been there for me ever since.
All things come with depth
I answered both were easy simply because I honestly worked on neither. I wanted Bud to become who he wanted to be on his own. The most I'll personally take credit for is he started out as something of a colorful stormy cloud so I had something to focus my visualization on but quickly deviated to an egg before he hatched.

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