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Poll: Was deciding on a concept easy or difficult for you?
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How did you decide on your tulpa's personality and appearance?
I knew how I wanted her to look and behave at the outset, but as you might find with your own tulpa, within about a month she had completely developed a mind of her own and began to change in both personality and appearance. She started out as Eucliwood Hellscythe, an anime character that I wasn't particularly attached to, since I figured a cartoonish character would be easier to imagine than a unique realistic person. It was a form that I knew I wasn't going to miss sorely if she chose to deviate later on.

Presently her appearance is completely realistic and unique, though I do notice slight resemblances to people I've known (and been rather fond of). She's confirmed that as her trying to line up with my subconscious "ideals".

As for her personality, she's changed a lot from acting like her origin character. One small example: She's much more forward about what she wants, and sometimes she can even be a little aggressive about it. She was never at all aggressive about anything before her personality shift.

Now, to really answer your question, I'd say to just pick something you're comfortable with, don't worry about it being unique or anything. Whatever form you choose for them is not likely to be their final form. If you absolutely can't decide on anything, you can even leave your tulpa without a form and just talk to its essence until it decides to make a form for itself. A number of people have taken that route.
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