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How do I get rid of my tulpas
it never even scared me though

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(11-25-2016, 05:07 AM)Lucilyn Wrote: It's not nonsense, but it is your imagination. Everything in your mind is under your control, if you realize it is anyways. You see what you expect, and in your mind anything can seem the case if you believe it. Maybe you wanna believe it, but you're asking for advice so I'm sayin' what I suggest. You've got the power to believe or not believe in anything in your mind, and that'll make it real or not real - to you. Like, doesn't really make demons really real if you believe in them. But they will seem real to you, which is the only person that matters, because it's all in your mind. So like believe me, outside reality isn't necessarily involved here, just what you believe to be the case.

Personally I like to believe everything is great and refuse to acknowledge negative things in my mind. But some people are just subconsciously having too much fun being scared or hoping to believe in the supernatural. If you wanna do that, go ahead, but if you don't, even better. Just be happy!

(10-20-2016, 05:20 PM)Tewi Wrote: Also, I feel like mentioning the "You can't 'mess up' making a tulpa" thing, since it seems like a similar fear. All they are is what you think of them as. Being afraid of messing up making a tulpa is like being afraid of messing up learning math, equivalent to "But what if I accidentally make a mistake, like I think four plus seven is ten?". It just doesn't really mean anything in the long run, or honestly the short run either. Just think something else. You have a lot more freedom in your own mind than you realize. I suggest, unrelated to tulpamancy, you work on controlling your thoughts. Here's a secret that might help.

Any control that you think you don't have in your mind, any negative thing you're afraid of, everything you think is bad about you and out of your control - that is you controlling your thoughts. You thinking those things is you thinking those things. Your fears don't have any more power than the rest of you. You have the same power to convince yourself of bad things that you do of good things. Every time you encounter a negative thought, remember that it's you thinking it, not someone else. Even if you don't think you can change it. Just for starters, remember that any thought you have is no more powerful than any other.

Believing you're a victim simply means believing you're a victim. Yes, "You can stop being a victim of your thoughts by thinking you aren't" and all that, but I'm well aware the "Just stop thinking bad things!!" suggestion doesn't work. The way to enable control over your thoughts is to first recognize that you have control over them. At first "Just think more positively" can seem rather impossible, so become comfortable with the idea that your negative thinking can change. It's not fact, it's what you're convinced you should be telling yourself. Just know that. Even if you're still listening to those thoughts, know that you're listening to them. Practicing that conscious awareness of your own thoughts can have a powerful effect on your mindset, trust me. Our host overcame his depression and changed his whole worldview over a few years by practicing introspection and awareness of his own thoughts.

hope this stuff helps

we also have a post about dissipation if you haven't read about how to do that yet, but it's really long...
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Thank you and I will try to dissipate but I have tried to before and I kept feeling drained and always tired
It's completely reasonable why you'd feel so drained after attempting to dissipate over 100 of them-- especially depending on how advanced they are... If dissipating them all at once is too much, split it into groups until you're able to dissipate that group, then move on. I suggesting resting and doing this while meditating for an extra boost in your own strength if you're capable. And as a bit more advice, I guess, keep telling yourself while doing so, "I can do this. This is my mind, my body, I can so do this," or something similar.

Hope this helps!
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Although, isn't the group method also risky? If he only dissipates some of them, then the rest would get even angrier. If he were to FAIL to dissipate them, then that would be even worse. He's had some of these tulpas since he was six. That means that they'd be super hard to dissipate anyway, even if for a super experienced tulpamancer, which I'm assuming Young_Jedi isn't since he's new to the forum. I still advocate trying to calm them down first to reduce any immediate damage since it'll take time to dissipate them.
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if your tulpas have been a problem since you were a kid you should probably just stop doing tulpamancy-like stuff... You don't have to dissipate them individually, you can just stop talking to them entirely. No offense but if you've got like 100 I really doubt any of them have seriously deep personalities and thoughts as tulpas, they're probably all just a general subconscious invasive-thoughts sorta thing right? If "your tulpas" in general just want to hurt you for no reason I don't think they're all individuals so you should probably just stop giving the whole idea of tulpas (or imaginary friends or whatever you're used to) attention.

They don't exist if you don't pay attention to them... And they can only hurt you if you convince yourself they can, cus in the end they're just your imagination anyway. Probably. You didn't give a lot of detail but it seems like your "tulpas" are all just sorta characters you know about right? I'm pretty sure you just consistently convince yourself invasive thoughts have some deeper meaning, as in thoughts that come from fears, because no tulpa should want to harm their host by default. You all live in the same body.. Only you being subconsciously afraid/believing they'd want to hurt you would make them like that.

You're really best just believing they aren't real individual people, since they kind of don't seem to be.. Just invasive thoughts channeled through whatever the personality of the character you have in mind is
Hi I'm one of Lumi's tulpas! I like rain and dancing and dancing in the rain and if there's frogs there too that's bonus points.
All of my posts should be read at a hundred miles per hour because that's probably how they were written
Please talk to me
The thing is I can't stop this is just natural and it's not just they won't let me whenever I try to dissipate them they come up EVERYWHERE I can't get any time without them. They are more metaphysical beings then tulpas, I have both

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