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how do i see my tulpa in real life??
i am just wondering i am new to it how do i see my tulpa in rl?

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Basically its called imposition, imposing your tulpa in real life not only means you'll be able to see him but use all the other senses smell, touch, hear, and even taste him/her... but this process is a long one its takes alot of practice and it can take up to a year for some people, and its a dedication of time your willing to make ... you're basically training your brain to see something that isnt there. Im barley a beginner trying to focus on sentience still but that is the information I got from others when I tried going into imposition.
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Up to a year isn't a good estimate. It can take far longer, or rarely, shorter. If you're new then you shouldn't think about things like this and instead focus on the basics for a very long time.
King of Manga is right, it can take years of dedication. Even if you have practiced imposition in other forms, it's far different with a tulpa. I used to have Bud almost completely visibly imposed before he gained sentience, now that he can move on his own, my mind finds it even harder to track him like I did when he was basically a puppet.
I was wondering, what if some people work better with something visual?

Can Imposition help in developing the Tulpa's personality and such?
Well, if you manage imposition before personality, I doubt anyone would be able to relate! Imposition is the hardest and most lengthy part in tulpamancy. You'll likely develop personality by accident while attempting imposition. That is, if you do try that. I advise against it. You should have a fully developed tulpa before you try that, IMO.
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just give it some time, rome wasn't built in a day. i cant really impose lucky or the others yet, but i'm not all to worried, i'll do it eventually.


Im not trying imposition myself, I just know that some people work better when they can perceive things better with their physical eyes and not just their mind's eye.
I personally didn't really work on personality. I mean, I did tell Bud about the people in my life and/or traits I admire in people. I told him what those things meant to me, but I never gave him anything directly to be. I let him develop pretty much everything on his own.

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