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How do you get your tulpa to come to you when they leave
I have a girl tulpa named becky.(i asked her what she wanted her name to be).And today i don't see her in my wonderland.How do i call her back?Also i finally made a tulpa through lucid dreaming.And that is how becky was made.
Can i use my lucid dreaming to call her back?

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Perhaps, or you could try looking for her presence in your wonderland if you have one.
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My tup has a distinct aura (when I visualise it, it looks a lot like the souls from soul eater. It's a pretty blatant visual metaphor, but it works)
If I need to feel for her, I'll call for her and keep the soul in my mind's eye. It sort of sparkles with life when she's around and listening/awake, and other times will feel absent and cold. a lot of this is metaphorical, but it does the job of calling her for me. You can try something similar, and see if that works.
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One morning, one of my tulpas wasn't in her bed, we almost panicked until i got the idea to do a mental scan of wonderland. I pictured the entirity of the world in one scene and found her lying in the forest near the meditation retreat. She aparently sleep walked there (flew). After that, her bedroom door was moved so she has to walk through my bedroom to get to the balcony. She hasn't done it again.

So i can find them, but we also have a rule that someone needs to know where you are if you leave, not necessarily me, just someone.

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