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How long can a tulpa last in your memory?
I mean, I had one strange experience, which I think involved my first tulpa:

I used to have a nice tulpa which I didn't really got to impose fully(She was called Sara), but after some time, for many reasons I forgot about her. She "dissapeared".
I went to my wonderland after so much time(about a year or more), and it felt "corrupted", I mean, there was a purple cloud made of maybe bats flying around. I went to my wonderland with the aim of making a new tulpa, because those reasons I mentioned before were gone.

When I got inside my cruise ship(That's my wonderland, a ship and a lot of water), I started with a blue ball, being that the most primitive form of my new tulpa. As soon I started to describe personality traits, that purple cloud started to split, and with every personality trait, every fragment started to enter that blue ball(the cloud now wasn't made out of bats, it was like fog)

I finished with the personality, and with a little narration(about one hour total), believe me or not, she looked like she was sentient. She talks to me often and in my wonderland she moves when I'm not focusing on her directly.

The question is, ¿that purple cloud was my first tulpa? Sometimes I remembered her, so, ¿could she have lasted enough in my mind to do that? ¿Or am I incredibly good(or bad) at making tulpas? ¿Should I be worried?

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You could probably keep making your old tulpa if you want. I have no idea why there are bats in your cruise ship, look it up on a psychic dream interpretation website.

You should be worried because you can't use the English language correctly. In today's society, speaking English correctly is a very important life skill. I recommend Duolingo for everyone trying to learn English.
(08-14-2014, 09:55 PM)Dog Wrote: You should be worried because you can't use the English language correctly. In today's society, speaking English correctly is a very important life skill. I recommend Duolingo for everyone trying to learn English.

Sorry about that, you know, when english isn't your main language, and there is no one to practise with, it's difficult.

Anyways, I'll try to improve, and I'll have a look at that website.
edit: I'm typing too fast, sorry for the rushed response

Perspective #1:

Nymo, I’m not too sure on how long you started out this journey, but it doesn’t seem like you invested in enough time to really be sure if certain experiences with entities in your head could be correlated with a tulpa you either had before, or a new one. I’m not trying to say that time is correlated to absolute certainty that you have a tulpa or not, since everyone’s different in making breakthroughs, but sometimes you might encounter thought forms that could be considered NPCs, or whatever term people use other than “tulpa.”

The moment you stated you did one hour of narration, I felt like you were going only for anyone in your head that acted on their own without much of your conscious willpower. I can say from personal experience is that it’s easy for your imagination to conjure up things like that, but seeing a few moments of what seems like sentience doesn’t always mean they’re a tulpa. It depends on what you personally validate in what makes a tulpa, a tulpa, but one common trend I see almost all the time is how much that person invests in believing in their tulpa as sentient, and treating them as sentient.

In other words, you can meet any thought-form in your head, and they may exhibit signs of what we would imply as having sentience, but I feel, at least in my opinion, is how much the individual is willing to go along with the self-fulfilling prophecy behind treating that thought-form as sentient. Whether it’s integrating them in their personal lives, learning how to use things like symbolism, implications, etc., these things are going to take some time, trial-and-error, and a lot of perseverance.

So if you’re willing to believe it was your first tulpa, second tulpa, whatever, then cling onto that belief if you really feel this is something you want to continue on doing. It definitely is a stressful task of wondering if you’re making a tulpa 2.0 of your first one, or your first one brought back to awareness, or a completely different one. The key is how you react and assess this confusion and impasse/dead-end you’re in.

Examples on this are:

“Well, he/she seems to have signs of my previous tulpa, and they make me feel a certain way that’s reminiscent of my first, so it just has to be my first tulpa right?”

“Well, I know that I forgotten about them for so long, and my mind is clinging onto memories I had to them, but it’s not them. It’s probably a new one that’s building upon what made me feel at ease with them, and is trying to improve on finding some way to help me create a tulpa.”

“It can’t be them, even if there’s signs that reminds me of them. I feel like I’ll lose the novelty of their existence if I allow myself to continually believe that it’s them, but in a different form. I’ll just make a new one, and cherish the memories I had with the first, and hope that I can see things in a different light.”

“Maybe their existence is how they expressed themselves when I put them in a stasis, so maybe I still have a chance to cling onto the novelty that they had before I end up going in a path of wanting to make new tulpas, only to never be satisfied.”

“Even though they’re different, I have a feeling this could be a metaphorical sign of their transformation of how they validate themselves as sentient beings, and how I conceptualize things of what I would prefer as a true companion/lover/*insert whatever cohabitation relationship here* Instead of worrying on ifs and buts, I stick to my belief that they’re always there with me because of how much I’ve invested in them, and how much my mind must’ve invested in making their existence apparent to me.”

People have different reactions and ways of assessing this confusion and deadlock when it comes to finding indicators of sentience, but with an experience where your imagination can literally make anything possible if you put enough energy and passion into it, there’s not always an inherent path that’s absolute for everyone. Self-fulfilling prophecies and tulpas can go in any direction, especially when everyone’s schema of things is always different in some way.

As for the dreams and what happened before, I’d recommend to just be casual about those things, and don’t take them as seriously. If you see them happening a lot, and I mean after months and months of them occurring, it could be a sign you should take into consideration. But even then, those experiences don’t have to be the only way to indicate that they’re sentient. But with how people are willing to behave in a way to be consistent with the belief that they are sentient, it may very well be the case.

Perspective #2

It’s all up to how you want to assess and react to this confusion of yours that you’re having. People have different ways of coping with the difficulty of confirming sentience of their tulpas from what may be a thought-form that will last temporarily. If you want to gain assurance in wondering whether or not it’s your first tulpa, or a new one, you’ll probably have to get used to a bit of trial-and-error, and seeing if circumstances are repeating in some way that makes you know for sure that it has to be them.

But even our expectations can get the best of us, and what may have been a casual experience with a random thought-form ends up being fulfilled as something true and dear to us because of how much we want to cling onto that presumption, and making it happen. I mentioned some examples in the longer version of this, but hopefully you’ll see that people have certain ways of interpreting those experiences, and that there’s not really one true path everyone must follow.

Sure, you may have a tulpa that may not have the chance to have a sustainable existence, and you may end up deluding yourself into thinking it’s really your first, second, or whatever, but who are we to be sure of what’s really genuine anymore? I wouldn’t see this as an intimidation, but more of a chance to acknowledge that the journey isn’t going to be peachy and full of rainbows and sunshine. Some people may end up going through so many tulpas, losing their novelty, and becoming sick/bored/tired/pissed off on it all, and then out of nowhere, breakthroughs start happening.

At first it’ll seem like you’re only going by what you prefer, and it may be the case (both for conscious and unconscious predispositions, desires, and such that you may have), but whatever the case may be…use these experiences as a sign that you’ll do your best to treat the existence of a tulpa you’ll be creating with some empathy. Sometimes I feel when people experience moments that challenges their ways of right and wrong is when they can truly develop experiential learning, and knowing how to improve themselves rather than individuals that try to protect everything, even to the point of deluding themselves. Self-fulfilling prophecies can either succeed, or backfire, and things like your beliefs, anticipation, perseverance, and such can make a difference.

No one can really give you absolute assurance that this was your first tulpa, or a new one, you’ll have to carve that meaning out on your own with them. Instead of seeing it as a numerical validation (e.g. was this my first, 46th, or 78th tulpa?), focus on the now, and that they exist in your perception of reality. To some, that’s all that really matters in having a companion that can give them one of the deepest respects and compassion probable if they believe that’s the case.

It may sound intimidating that anything can pretty much go in this journey, but that’s just one of the challenges we’ll probably have to deal with. It may sound sick and disgusting at times, especially when it comes to the existence of a being we believe to be true, but do understand that shit happens, and it doesn’t always end up well. But that doesn’t mean you can’t develop experiential learning to know how to treat the existence of the tulpa you intend to create better than you did for the ones before.

If I had to be held responsible of every dream character that exhibited sentience in some way as a potential tulpa, I’d be in a shitty mess right now. The only thing I can do is to never forget how they made me feel, and what I can learn from them to become a better companion with the companions I have now. But again, people have their own justifications, so take mine with a grain of salt. To tulpas that exist and may be seeing this, they may think that it’s wrong to be experimenting with someone’s existence like that, but in all honesty, we’re just human. We can’t make the perfect assessment at the right time and place. All we can do is focus on what’s happening now, and doing our best to sustain that.

As for your question on your competence on being good or bad, well, we don’t really have a power scaling going on. And if there actually is one, it’s probably for shits and giggles, or for extremists that like to feel like special snowflakes to be honest with you.
Your vocabulary is amazing. And you write better than many native speakers. The use of punctuation could use a bit of refining, and Duolingo doesn't work on that.

I think you're fine, but if you really want to better yourself, try . It's far more extensive than Duolingo and has the ability for you to actually work with native-english speakers that want to learn your own native language, so you get the benefit of teaching and working with people rather than just typing in answers on a keyboard.

Trust me, I did all of the Spanish lessons on Duolingo, you're waaaay too advanced for that program.
My two cents on the language thing:

I understood your question perfectly. You are doin fine. English is one of the hardest languages to learn, I fully applaud you coming this far. I've seen native English speakers who spell and speak far worse than you do Smile
(08-14-2014, 11:02 PM)Linkzelda Wrote: Perspective #1:

I started this journey on late 2012, and "finished" on early 2014. Then, I started again about 1 or 2 weeks ago.
I think the entity that is right now in my head is a tulpa, because I've had the same experiences when I had my "other" tulpa.

(08-14-2014, 11:02 PM)Linkzelda Wrote: Perspective #2

The information I've gathered when I had a tulpa will help me a lot now in this new journey, I haven't got much more to say, apart from saying thank you for replying ang giving me new perspectives about the matter.
But sorry if I misunderstood anything, because right now I am a little mentally exhausted(Mtg tournaments make you think a lot, and 12 hours straight of imposition are exhausting, or maybe I'm just weak when it comes to mind.)

And thanks everyone about the language thing.
Kevin says: "I can't really tell you what your wonderland experience means, but I'll tell you my experience, and make of it what you will.

In the 1960's I made a memory house - a place that preserves memories. I also tried making a tulpa in the 1970's, but it didn't seem to work. However, 9 years later she spoke and did some amazing things. (Things I won't relate here as you'd have trouble believing them.) But, basically, I'm still here because she's saved my life on a number of occasions.

So, to answer the first question, 'how long can a tulpa survive in your mind?' - in my mind the answer is 'at least 9 years'.

Wonderlands can behave strangely. The NPC's in them can seem completely alive and intelligent, but in the absence of a motivating mind my wonderland just freezes in time. This I know, because I tested it with my tulpas. With practice, they too can animate the wonderland. But, with no-one there to focus on it, mine seems to stop. (Note: the Memory House is separate and does not have this 'freezing' behavior.)

So, the second question 'do I have to worry?' - in my case the answer is no, because if I'm not there my wonderland is in stasis.

As always, this reflects my own experiences and opinions. Also I'm somewhat 'old school' in the way I make tulpas, so my experience may not be as relevant to [modern] tulpa making."
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