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How to engage with Tulpa while you're sick?
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RE: How to engage with Tulpa while you're sick?
Quote:I work a lot and find that I can only force with her when I have absolutely zero distractions. I put noise cancelling headphones on, a sleeping eye mask on, and will lay down (or sit), and play calming zen meditation music to go into a trance-like state and start visualizing wonderland.

Quote:I keep falling asleep during my meditation, can't focus because my mind wanders A LOT, or I have a lot of trouble actually breaking into wonderland.

Stop thinking this way. Meditation is hard at first, and feeling that helpless feeling when you just can't keep focused or just can't imagine something or whatever, is a very important - and needed - part of the journey. You do not get better at something if you're not having trouble with it.

I'd strongly advise getting rid of all these crutches and biting the bullet; there are no tricks, and there shouldn't be. Being able to meditate only in some very specific set of circumstances means you'll just fail when things change, and that's where crutches lead you.
01-18-2018, 12:47 PM
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