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How To Fail At Making A Tulpa
My name is Dani, I found this website a LONG time ago, and I finally decided I'm ready to make a tulpa myself. Unfortunately, I haven't decided what I should make as a tulpa, though. Tulpas are like tattoos, I believe. They're permanent, there forever. And I jump from one thing to the next VERY easily. I am currently *cough* mildly obsessed *cough choke* with L from the anime Death Note, and I would love to have an L for myself. But I know for a fact I won't like L forever, so I'm scared to make an L tulpa. I haven't been on here for a while, and from what I remember tulpa characters are not the best thing to do, as Identity Chrisis blah blah blah. So, this shall be my PR. Yep.
Also, I have questions.

How can I decide on a tulpa personality, form, and that stuff?

Is it okay for me to make a tulpa based on a character?

Yeah, thanks for reading.

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(09-18-2014, 11:20 PM)DreamingDitzyDani Wrote: How can I decide on a tulpa personality, form, and that stuff?

Is it okay for me to make a tulpa based on a character?

Frankly, you don't need to decide on personality. Having a gist is best. It'll evolve and adapt to yourself regardless of what you decided upon in the beginning.

Form? Go with L, sure. By the time that novelty wears off, hopefully he's changed himself enough to be unique. The whole "Identity Crisis" is a self-fulfilling prophecy, meaning if you believe it will happen, it's inclined to. Kinda like your thread title. Recommend changing it. But anyways, yeah, don't worry about it. It was a bad site meme, much like orange juice and hour counts.
1. Yeah, making a character tulpa isn't a great idea. Making them look like a character, or sharing some attributes with a characters, not as bad, but making a tulpa so that they're literally L in tulpa form, not a great idea. You gotta take the tulpa's feelings into consideration when deciding on a form. It'll likely want to make changes. Heck, I was pretty firmly set on what I wanted my tulpa to look like, and while she did agree with most of it, she still made changes when I was visualising her. They were small aesthetic changes, and a stronger focus on on aspect of her personality than I expected, but it was a definite deviation from my original idea. So you could make an L tulpa, or at least a tulpa that resembles L in terms of appearance and mannerisms, but odds are it will change over time, so don't let yourself be completely set on having your very own pet L.

2. There's no real set way to decide on personality and form, apart from just doing it. Sit yourself down for an afternoon, mull over what you want out of a tulpa, what you'd like them to look like, what you want their mannerisms to be like, and maybe decide on what you want their personality to be like, though that step is optional and you can leave it to your tulpa to decide on a personality. But when you're doing this, dwell on each personality trait or appearance trait as much as you can, until it becomes second nature to you that when you think of your tulpa, you think of those traits.
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Using an established character is fine as long as you understand that they will likely change parts of their personality and appearance as they grow. The identify crisis example I remember was an instance where someone tried to give their tulpa the backstory from a character and made the tulpa believe they were literally the character in the video game (in this instance). It was a very specific situation. Many have created tulpas initially based on a particular character without any trouble. Just basing an initial form and personality on an existing character is perfectly fine.
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