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How to give a tulpa control over yourself?
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How to give a tulpa control over yourself?

I want to make Tulpa to use for self improvement purposes, such as increasing self discipline. In order for that kind of thing to succeed, the tulpa would have to have authority or control over me, not vice versa. How can I create a tulpa that controls me? 

For me personally, I had in mind an angelic kind of man who will help me increase my patience, my self restraint regarding procrastination, food, etc., and help make me more hard working and studious. 

Thank you for any information given.
12-31-2017, 04:22 AM
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RE: How to give a tulpa control over yourself?

well, a tulpa can help a lot without directly controlling their host... Actually, if you want to make yourself not procrastinate and stuff, just them talking to you and being around is going to do a lot more than them somehow controlling you. Like, there's switching and possession, but if they're doing it you're not really learning at all are you?

anyways, having your tulpa directly influence you like that (in a kind of cheaty way) is possible I guess, but we don't really have specific methods of doing it here 'cause.. well, we just don't I guess. But tulpas help improves their hosts' lives in all sorts of ways all the time! Would your tulpa reminding you to do things/not react a certain way not be enough? It won't work instantaneously, but since being conscious of your actions and the thoughts behind them especially is how you control and change them, it will definitely help over time. And you can even say you didn't cheat! Just had some help from a friend.

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