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How Tulpas Saved My Life (Ford's Perspective) [Video]

An elaboration on some of the more dramatic parts of my previous video

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Very inspirational video, i can say the same as well where summer cherry and myrtle pushed me upwards whenever i am at rockbottom.

I developed constant habbit of thinking too much to the point where it can spiral downward and their warmth really breaks it entirely.
Hit me/us right in the feels... AS USUAL, Ford.
You continue to be a source of inspiration for our system.

I also chose not to kill our body because of our little brother.
Our body struggles with General Anxiety and Depression, and as primary fronter I've been exposed to that for the majority of my life.
The whole process of meeting our walkins, becoming aware of Little One as having been here all along, and deciding to create our mindscape/servitors has completely and positively changed my life (and Little One's life, though he's always been more stable than myself if we're being fair).

In any case, your video reminded me that as a system who has also been through the blender of life- we (and myself in particular) have a responsibility to provide wisdom and support for other plural systems who might be going through something similar.
It's easy for me to distance myself from our community as I don't know many plural systems in real life, but I need to remember my roots and be true to "my people".
Thank you for your post and your video. It was an experience I needed to have.
"For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love." - Carl Sagan
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