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How would I know if I am not puppeting her for her responses?
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How would I know if I am not puppeting her for her responses?

I worked pretty hard on mindvoices with Trixie (Yes, the wizard pony.), Lyra's (Yes, the pony that couldn't even go outside without her friend Bon Bon) still mute (Even though she spoke in one of my dreams months ago) and she's alright with that. Trixie would give me very clear responses but at times her responses are either quiet, mumbly, or cuts away too fast. In dreams, she can be heard greatly, I pass it on as my Trixie since her personality from there is completely opposite from the one we all know and >I< love with 2 traits, being a boaster and a 3rd person speaker. She would talk in 3rd person sometimes for the fun of it, but at other times she won't. She would usually stay silent until I speak to her a question, like I said her responses are usually quiet, or cuts out sometimes, pretty much like what I did with Lyra back then.
Trixie would just say what she wants to say faster than my mind could think. She also talks like she has an everyday life going on with her, and Lyra.

I don't feel like I am puppeting her, but at the same time I think so. What do you think?

And to save any more questions; yes, she is defiantly sentient to the max. She has her own head pressure, she's interactive in my dreams (75% of the time she won't come to my dreams, however. But hey, there might be something I am forgetting about in my dreams.) , and I can feel warmth like she is next to me, hugging me with her hooves (Trixie is love, Trixie is life).

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RE: How would I know if I am not puppeting her for her responses?

Doesn't sound like you are puppeting her, and I don't seem why you are worrying so much. Seems like you're just having the usual paranoia that comes with creating a tulpa. Even if you were, puppeting is not as harmful as the old way of thought had made it seem, and in some cases is very helpful. I know this is basically what ever guide has said about puppeting, but this is the truth. Don't worry about puppeting, just let it go, and carry on.
05-11-2014, 07:39 PM
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RE: How would I know if I am not puppeting her for her responses?

Just a case of cognitive dissonance that will be sorted out when you realize that concentrating and imagining how they move and all that doesn't constrain any potential in them doing it (the moving) themselves in the future. A tulpa's existence doesn't just become lifeless and limited because of basic acts with forcing in general. The same logic could be applied with people wondering if they're restricting their tulpa's voice by using recordings, or some other supplements in reinforcing how they would communicate with their host; you have to have some mode of reference, and that doesn't strip your tulpa from being able to build on that.

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