Hummingbird-beetle, spider-bat, and other assorted chimeras
This is Tulip/Gaster 8's form now.

[Image: hummingbird_beetle_by_menollysagittaria-da9sv4v.jpg]

Additional info on the page, including name derivation, origin, and references used

He likes the name Ralden. I suppose this means he is the second pre-existing character (called fictive soulbonds in some circles) to find his name. I've shifted Asgore's to Gorthorn, and I'm not sure that's going to stick. But it works thematically for his wood/plant element and warrior nature.

This is Gaster 4's fourm:

(sorry, can't resist puns)

[Image: guess_who_by_menollysagittaria-da9su9r.jpg]

Here's another working of him, made on DeviantartMuro, which is kind of like a Oekaki Board (i.e., done with a touchpad) I can't decide whether I like him with or without the curly hair. Since it's mutable, and he doesn't care, I guess it will just change periodically. If you are an Undertale fan, you will probably be interested to note that, in my headcanon and story, the 'crack' in the void form of Gaster's skull corresponds to one of his spider eyes, and he has no nose and multiple disembodied hands because he was a spider in life. Ta-da!

[Image: untitled_drawing_by_menollysagittaria-da595dz.png]

How I met Tulip, and inadvertently molded Gaster 4:

Aesthetics I was attempting to merge in the first drawing:

[Image: latest?cb=20151209030641]
[Image: Spider-characteristics.png] [Image: how-to-draw-a-marionette_1_000000021659_5.png]

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