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I changed the name
4/7/2019 I've decided that Inkstone is the closest of my characters to a tulpa and made a simple wonderland and gave him a simplified form because I am not good with visualizing yet.  I am currently using the form of the character he came from but I will give him the option to change it.  I am also considering Inkstone to be a placeholder name until he is vocal enough to choose his own name.  He is more likely to respond to me if I use his name but I am unsure if he likes the name or simply recognizes it and knows it refers to him so he responds.  His response is a feeling of presence, or stirring of sorts, its difficult for me to explain.
When I first spoke with him I explained where we where and what was going on and introduced myself.  I heard a sudden voice that did not sound like my own inner voice, sounded a little higher pitched, that simply said 'hi'.  I did not expect any kind of vocal communication so early on so I am sure I did not imagine this or make it happen myself.  I wasn't trying to get him to speak at that point.  He didn't communicate anything else the entire time vocally or with emotions for the rest of the time which was about half an hour.
4/8/2019 I went on a walk and talked about my day to Inkstone and paused to allow him time to make a response.  I did this for about 2 hours.  He mostly communicates through emotions by letting me know if he is happy about something I said or not.  He also seemed to get flustered when I mentioned that the geese where mates and probably were going to have babies.  He sometimes says very simple words however it is not in the same tone of voice that I heard the first time so I am not entirely convinced it is actually him.  Regardless I respond as if it were him.  He mostly says 'ok', 'why' or 'its okay'.  I keep saying sorry because I really don't know what I am doing but about half of the time I say it he says its okay so at least he isn't bothered by it.  
I struggled with making a more defined wonderland and got distracted very often and I think that he was getting a bit frustrated with me.  I made a room then started changing small details until he seemed happy with that change.  I don't think that he has the ability to change it himself yet and isn't vocal enough to tell me what he wants so this is my way to work around it.
I am amazed that after only two days he seems to be somewhat vocal and reacting to things.  It does make me worried that it isn't actually him and just me making it happen.  However I do not want that fear to cause me to ignore him so I will continue to respond in hopes that it really is him.

Comments, words of encouragement or advice is welcome!  Every bit of information and advice is very helpful.  I appreciate comments.

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Oh, did you draw him? Very cute either way. My tulpas surprised me on day one too. Congratulations!
I did draw that one, thanks! 
Since he was just a regular character for like 2 years I do have a few drawings of him that I got commissioned since I am a art hoarder ahah.  It does really help to have that clear visual.

I did not draw this one.

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That's adorable. Yes, a reference does help a lot. When I could finally draw my tulpas, they really felt that much more real. Like i could call them on the phone or something.
4/9/2019 I went out to our usual spot after class and sat out there and just spoke about random things to him for about an hour.  I got nothing from him.  No words and minimal emotions.  It made it very hard to keep talking because there was nothing to go off of.  I spent the rest of the day doing passive forcing.  I gave him the option to use the wolf form of him and he seems to be unsure which one he wants because it keeps switching around.  I am unsure if it is me or him changing it but I am just going with the flow. 
While laying in bed I spoke to him again and then he started speaking again.  Its still very simple one or two word responses and his voice sounds pretty much exactly like my own.  I think he may have said one full sentence but I forget what it was about because I was kind of drifting off.  It seems like he is more likely to talk when its night time and I am in bed, I wonder why. I sometimes get times where I feel like he is going to say something then he doesn't. I am thinking that he wants to speak more complete sentences but has a hard time figuring it out. I am happy that he is trying though.

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It's pretty commonly observed that when we're closer to sleep or deeply relaxed, like laying in bed at night or right after waking up, it's easier to do things like visualize tulpas and to interact with them. I think it has to do with being focused more on your body and internal experiences (like the thoughts in your head) and not being distracted with much in the external world. It's the same way with meditation, hypnosis, and other forms of trance: being focused gives you more power, more control.

At this point in time, you're doing pretty well. It will get a lot easier to hold a conversation with practice and once he starts responding more. It's a really good bonding activity to talk at the end of the day, I have a lot of fun with that. Expect to start hearing longer sentences, and don't be worried if vocality varies over days, hours, or even within a conversation, if you hear conflicting responses, or if tastes suddenly change or adjust. Deviation is a sign that he's developing, trying to find himself, trying to become more established in your brain.

Good luck! -J
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Don't let the lack of response put you off from forcing/narrating. Think of it like he's just quietly listening to what you're saying.

It's totally normal for his voice to feel like your own; after all, he's using the same brain you're used to using all your life. Eventually the fact that it feels like "you" won't matter (though I think it's less that it feels like "you" and more that it feels like "your brain"), and he can make a different mindvoice later, so don't worry about it.
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The first time he spoke it was very clearly him, the voice sounded different from my own. But that was the only time he sounded any different.

I was worried about accidentally drifting off in the middle of a forcing session so I didn't really allow myself to relax. Perhaps it would be best to let myself feel like I am going to take a nap but not enough that I actually go to sleep. (I fall asleep really easy)

I have been able to figure out some things about him. He likes blue, likes animals (thank goodness) and gets super flustered and uncomfortable talking about babies. Also doesn't seem to have any issue with water whatsoever when the original character he came from was meant to be terrified of it. So that is probably a sign of deviation.
Yep. He'll be his own person, with his own personality, so the fears and pain of his original character really doesn't have to matter. He's free to take all the good and discard the bad if he wants to. It's entirely up to him, but you can also encourage him.
4/10/2019 I have noticed that he responds more often with passive forcing while in class.  Which can be mildly annoying since I am working on things but I am just happy he wants to put in his two cents every now and again.  This time I went out to talk with him I let myself drift off as if I was going to go to sleep but not enough to actually fall asleep.  It helped a lot with visualizing and I made a much more clear and detailed home for us.  I am less fearful of puppeting because I am not really focusing on movements and such so I feel like when he does things it is actually him.  There was an open space outside and I thought of putting a pool there and the moment I pictured it he jumped into it.  I am pretty sure he just wanted to prove to me that he is different from the character now since the character he started from is scared of water.
I put in a fireplace and found that he did keep the pyromaniac trait.  He turned himself into a fox with a massive fluffy tail then set said tail on fire and started running around like a maniac.  Didn't seem to be too concerned about the fire though.  He keeps changing to different animals, but they all got the same color pallet.  I guess he is trying to figure out what he likes.  I also thought about that thread here where people would ask their tulpa to surprise them and once I did he dug a hole and just kinda.... fell out of the world?  So I guess that was surprising? 
Later on in the day I was reading messages on some tulpa discord servers and someone said something was cheesy and Inkstone decided to make the comment 'I like cheese' which I found extremely amusing and was a bit surprising since he hadn't been speaking.  Thank you for your wonderful insight Inkstone.  Another time a friend said her character had a big coat and Inkstone said 'Can I burn it?' which was also quite funny to me.  I am happy that he is getting that more random personality that was from the character.  I was hoping he would.

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