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I just can't understand how some people don't like candy....(share)
I had a roommate who was all "I don't like sweet stuff". She would eat meat...just steak. I always secretly thought something must be wrong with her.... after I got to know her...I seriously think she was a sociopath(not kidding) >___>


I am OM NOMing as we speak:

[Image: candy6.jpg]

Mmmmmm, they got that chili powder in the middle. Heh, when I was a kid I hated watermelon candy(and peach, still do). I didn't know you could put chili powder in candy until I moved to the southwest. Now I love Mexican food too!

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Actually, I can kind of sympathize with your roommate, not all candy tastes good (to me at least). Most is actually pretty meh....

[Image: Nutella-image-nutella-36702056-320-317.gif]
Well yeah, some candy is rubbish, but that's true of anything. I like good and so-so candy. Also, yay Nutella, though your image appears to be broken at least on this phone.

I've heard that the Chinese in general don't like sweet as much, and tend toward a much milder sweet in their desserts. Western cultures (me included) seem to gravitate toward intense sweet on all candy, with few exceptions like really dark chocolate.
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Well sure, I really like candy that I like, but hell, I would go for a nice steak over sweets any day of the week.
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I fucking hate when people are picky assholes over fruit flavored candy.

"Oh can I have some skittles? I only like the red ones."

"Oh you got Mike and Ike's? Can I only have green ones?"

You'll get whatever I give you, you fucking slut. And you won't get any orange.
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Sour skittles > Original skittles

Got a thing for licorice, seems most people don't like it though. Twizzlers are delicious.
Nerds. Dog, I love nerds.

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Dog, I love nerds.
(07-12-2014, 12:48 AM)Derp Wrote: Sour skittles > Original skittles

SOUR Skittles? I have not tried these but they sound like a great idea. I mostly prefer chocolate over fruit candy, but do like Skittles now and then.
My body's way of regulating my food intake is through my appetite.
Once I've consumed enough sugar (usually through drinking sodas), I completely lose my appetite for sweet stuff.
If I ignore the message and still consume something sweet, I'll feel sick afterwards.

By giving my body what it asks for: eating what I'm craving, when I'm hungry (and nothing else) - I never get sick or fat.

Also: Steak > Candy

Meat is healthier than candy, and gives you more nutrition and energy.
Yeah, but does steak taste like candy? That's kind of important!

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