Stanford Tulpa Study looking for more participants
(if you're chosen they'll pay for travel and lodging!)

I'll draw your tulpa for you.

You may know me from the irc as Mary. I've done spontaneous drawing requests there, and I figured I might as well put up a permanent place for taking requests. I don't claim to be great, but I like drawing people's tulpas, so this should be fun. Here's a few samples of what I've done for other people:

Just leave me a proper description - what they look like, what they wear, any particular pose you may be interested in - and I'll make you a drawing. Looking forward to seeing what you guys got!
Stranger in a strange land.

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Hey, I think I remember you. I asked if you could draw Vespera, and you drew this pretty little headshot of a girl with a smirk and a red barrette.

In any case, I would like it if you drew Fox-Nights. She's essentially a torso with thighs, her arms to the shoulder and legs to the knees made of rose gold.
The arms have little windows where you can see into them and glimpse some red liquid sloshing around like wax in a lava lamp. The legs are the same, but opaque at the ankles, fading to transparency the closer they get to her legs. Her feet are just little pointy nubs, but otherwise, every bit of metal is proportional. Her torso is bare, completely uncovered by clothing, but she covers her 'naughty bits' whenever I look in her direction. (She actually doesn't have any)

Her face is rather 'mixed' in race, like so. She's got a cluster of freckles right around the bridge of her nose, and under her eyes. Her hair is a big mass of curls and tangles, and a little bit more fluffed. Plus, she's got pink irises.

It doesn't really matter to me whatever pose you put her in, I'm sure it'll be cool when I see it. Sorry for throwing so much detail on at once.
hey could you draw Hanna
to spare the written description more for visualization she is caucasian with blue eyes, elf like ears, red hair and angel wings... at least for now
it may be kind of simple( from how wierd tuppers can get) but would be nice to see
Here you go, Redline!

Hope you like it!
Stranger in a strange land.
[Image: b9tMRR0.gif]
It would be awesome if you could draw Sarah!

Sarah is around 17 years old (give or take a year) and stands at about 5'4". She is rather slender with breasts that are perhaps just a bit smaller than average. Appearance wise, she seems to be half Caucasian and half Asian. Her eyes are emerald green and she has a smile that can really light up the room. Her straight black hair is cut into a bob with one streak of blue on her left side. She has bangs that are swept to the left. She wears a black tank top with spaghetti straps, a sky blue pleated skirt, black leggings, and sky blue shoes.

I attached images from avatar makers. The only difference is the avatars don't have bangs

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Host: Sakura
Tulpa: Sarah (began June 5th, 2014), Alyx (Began July 23rd, 2014)
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And here you go, arcon!
Stranger in a strange land.
(06-22-2014, 03:38 PM)QContrary Wrote: And here you go, arcon!

we both really like it thanks
Heyaa. I see that this is an art thread and your style looks nice Smile
Do you think you could draw Mika for me? I have several pictures of her in my signature for you to grab anytime.

Now, she has two forms and you could draw whichever one you want.

Some good reference pictures to use down below this sentence!
If you're doing pony form, then this picture would be a good reference:
If you're going for human form:

You can pose her however you want and such. It's you drawing her after all :3

Thanks in advance Smile
could you draw my little Stroper? my avatar is also his/her piccy

i'll retun the favor too Big Grin



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