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I need help with my mega ADHD problems.
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I need help with my mega ADHD problems.

Alright, heres why I have ADHD and forcing with my tulpa Julia has been really hard for me. I can't focus on her long enough to communicate and I feel like a really bad person because of it. I can't let her sit alone in my head all day. I do have another Tulpa. whom I accidentally made as a small child. Nowadays I got a tulpa completely on purpouse. I have two tulpea. Julia and Kad. Julia was the intentional one. Kad was sort of an accident. a "happy" accident. I haven't been a very emotional guy, but since I got my tulpa Julia. I feel more. And it's annoying. Can I turn that off? Back to the point... How can I force more and longer without my ADHD interferring with it? I passive force alot. But it's hard to do with friends and other stuff. Please help! Whenever I try to think about one thing, once I focus on reality, I had trailed off completely. Imagination is a good thing, but to much of a good thing isn't a good thing. Whenever I try to force, or improve my wonderland. "Madworld" I always end up getting it all twisted and worped and depressing. But my tulpa Julia helps me out. And Kad kinda helps out with constructive critisism. ANYWAYS. My ADHD dosen't help my small depression and also I am afraid I creep my tulpea out sometimes by the way I act. I might lie even if I have no reason too. But serioussly. Help a brothah out!
01-03-2014, 01:42 PM
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RE: I need help with my mega ADHD problems.

It sounds like a matter of practice to me, i struggle with a lot of the stuff you're talking about. I'm pretty sure Alice is tired of me apologizing at this point, she reminds me that at least i'm trying.

- for things for them to do; I used to expand my wonderland and have Alice create her own things to develop independence. Most people are going to tell you to start with 5minutes of focus and move to longer periods of focus when you get better. I'd recommend to start mixing it with your passive forcing whenever you find the opportunity to spend 5 minutes away from distractions. I also find it helps to have an idea of what you want to work on when you force.

- as for depression and creeping your tulpa; they understand you implicitly so there shouldn't be anything that creeps them out, i mean you already said Julia is there to help you so it shows she understands and wants to help make you happy. I suffer from mild depression as well and, combined with some research, i have my tulpa help distract me from ruminating (focusing on negative thoughts about myself, ect.).

- If none of this helps, please post some info on how old your tulpas are, your experience when trying to force, and anything else you think other members might need to help you.

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01-03-2014, 04:38 PM
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RE: I need help with my mega ADHD problems.

I could tell you that you just need to develop a higher sense of urgency/immediacy, but that should be common sense. What seems to be something you should use as a supplement to that is finding inspiration. It's natural for us to feel like there's an intrinsic ability for us to self-actualize towards things contributing to overall good of ourselves (including the tulpa(s) you may want to create in the future of course).

Honestly, the more you get into this, the more there's a higher threshold of information and concepts that may be hard to connect. But that's just one of many reasons why you'll have to rise to the challenge, especially with your ADHD problems you feel may be a detriment to your progress. It's not rare to see others that use psychological and physical ailments in explaining why they can't do something well in relation to tulpa creation and such. When you start getting inspiration streaming to you, it'll be difficult to hold back, but getting that constant streaming can only be done through developing a higher cognition and being resourceful with your limits...and it's about not giving yourself a mindset that you can't do anything because of your major ADHD problem.

And it also doesn't mean you can't be resourceful and go into deeper research of testimonials and experiential truths from other users that have faced this issue as well. Whether it's a person that has the autism + asperger's combo, or just OCD and ADHD related issues, people are able to take what those conditions can actually benefit more than someone who may not have them (i.e. a person with asperger's can have a better time performing rituals for long periods of time because there would be an easier fixation once they get the concepts down).

ADHD Related Threads

All posts that have ADHD

A few threads on concentration

Whatever you decide to do, rest assured that things like this have been prevalent in other threads, so it may be best for you to take the time to research those circumstantial events from others so you can get more perspective on what to do.

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01-03-2014, 07:43 PM
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RE: I need help with my mega ADHD problems.

Don't worry so much about your tulpa being upset with. Most tulpas are very accepting. In fact that's probably the closest this phenomena has to a common theme. Your tulpa will almost always like you as you are.

Of course, tulpas will try to help you improve (from their viewpoint). That's usually because they care, deeply. Well done Julia and Kad! Keep helping. Humans need all the help they can get.

Be well, all of you. And have a great year this year we have started.

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01-03-2014, 11:25 PM
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