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I was asking for a name and then, suddenly "she" appeared.
This happened to me 2 days ago but I can't remember when, where and how.
I asked Merry if she likes the name I gave to her (just making sure) then (I don't know who answered the question) the name "Laura" pops in my mind.
I asked her if she likes that name but I didn't receive a response.
Yesterday in my usual back-to-home narration again the name Laura comes to my mind. When I asked again if she likes that name I received two responses "Yes" and "No".
-Who says "Yes"?
-Who are you? (idk why I ask this)
-Since when you are with me?
-Yesterday(2 days ago)
After that I was confused.
Today I visited the forums looking for a similar topic or event but with no success.
So I encouraged myself and made the topic.
I'm I crazy?
Is this possible but very uncommon?
Can I trick to myself so it was me actually?
English is not my native language
Tulpa : Merry

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It could very well be parroting but it's pretty interesting that the responses were different and specific. You might very well have another one coming around, but I would think you should confirm with Merry whether or not she remembers responding to those questions or if she thinks it was something else. When Jira (my second tulpa, who now is in stasis) came about, it was spontaneously. I had been hearing a different voice-like thing for a week or so and Quilten confirmed that it wasn't him. Eventually, she bacame clear all of a sudden and we could speak between us easily. I don't really know "where" she came from or what caused her sudden creation, but I can assure you that this kind of thing can very well happen. Maybe try communicating with the Lauren voice more and see if you get anything else. Hope I helped, good luck!
Even though my username is that of my tulpa, Quilten, my name is Phaneron, the host, who does all of the actual posting.
Tulpas: Quilten, Jira
Typically this would be considered unlikely but there is still a lot about tulpas that we don't know. It's not really an exact science as everyone and their stories are different so only you can really tell.

I would keep communicating with it to see what happens and let us know how it turns out.
thanks for the responses.
There's one more think I worried about.
I think Merry is jealous and I don't know how to deal with this.
I probably know how she came to me, but I'm not sure.Tonight I will talk with Merry and Laura about that day.
English is not my native language
Tulpa : Merry
Correlation doesn’t really equal causality in some cases, especially when it comes to an experience like this where anything can happen. In other words, because of what you experienced that you feel is abnormal, you shouldn’t feel the need that you’re “crazy,” “insane,” or whatever self-derogatory term you can come up with. It’s not as if (yet) there’s any kind of inherent attribute or value about tulpas that would be consistent for everyone under any circumstance that can be long-lasting.

Who are we to know what’s “normal” other than correlations made with how people go through self-fulfilling prophecies, beliefs, morals and ethics, and such with tulpas? There’s been several topics on tulpas that come out of nowhere (apparently in deus ex machina fashion lately) when the host hasn’t invested in much time in them, or they didn’t think they did; it’s just those thread titles are probably mistitled, or conflated with other worries and concerns that probably makes it hard to find similar threads, so no worries there.

' Wrote:Is this possible but very uncommon?

I’m not so sure on what’s really “common” here when it’s probably just people’s personal views on generalizing what they feel the overall populace follows. That’s what happens when we try to make an objective viewpoint of common trends, only to realize it’s probably our perspective subjective views conflated together that seems to have some kind of pattern (but the patterns could be dependent for specific circumstances rather than being independent for any).

And even if that’s the case, I don’t think it should make you feel inferior, or worrisome of what occurred. There’s weird things that definitely happen at some point, but it’s mostly just not being able to understand until we go through trial-and-error, and hopefully a nice conversation with our tulpas about why certain things happened with them.

' Wrote:Can I trick to myself so it was me actually?

I may be misreading this, so please feel free to clarify to me on this, but I have a feeling you’re probably considering this to stop yourself from being responsible with another tulpa. Or you felt that it was yourself because the responses felt weird to you (from your common workflow/system of practice) that you felt you parroted the whole thing. Like some people stated already, you should probably give things some time, since that’s probably all you can do so you can fiddle around with trial-and-error, and see if the experiences where a tulpa is talking to you differently from the one you invest in more time with happens a lot. It’s only been 2 days (based on what they said I guess), so we can’t really give a framework of what-ifs until you settle this yourself.

Instead of seeing it as “tricking” yourself, it could just be things you want to believe to happen (conscious and unconscious thoughts), and somehow our mind renders out these predispositions and desires we have of this whole endeavor in ways where we don’t expect them to happen. Because if you start getting into the whole “tricking myself” mindset, you’ll probably start thinking your whole mind is a trickster in general (and surprisingly, that could probably end up backfiring on you the more you behave in a way to be consistent with believing in the doubting).

Maybe you could be worried about the responsibility with having another tulpa, but it’s all about how you react to the situation, and how you apply your general framework(s) on morality, ethics, and such with tulpas. You could shrug it off, though that may cause inner strife with whatever standards you go by, or you could let things settle out over time. But you don’t have to question if you’re crazy, or some kind of extremist freak or anything like that.

“Crazy” kind of becomes difficult to define when there’s so many unorthodox ways of making breakthroughs, and going about in all of this. And what could be unorthodox to some may make completely sense to others.

It could just be a matter of being able to adjust to what we feel are peculiarities, and you experiencing what could be a tulpa that appears in deus ex machina fashion as a testament that tulpas don’t always have to be brought up through methods presumed to be “traditional,” or “common.” Maybe these things that you feel could be weird could be the result and totality of the experiential learning, and trial-and-error you’ve gone through with your first tulpa to the point where your mind probably can render out the experience easier before without you being militant on conscious activities of acknowledging a tulpa’s existence.

There’s been a lot of anecdotal cases where tulpas come out of nowhere (e.g. months after the person gave up), whether through the person’s dreams, or in this reality, it has presumably occurred. So if you’re wanting to gain solace from that, you’re not alone my friend.
If it wasn't Merry that said all that, then I'd assume it was just intrusive thoughts. New tulpae don't tend to spontaneously appear like that.
I've heard of people "finding" other tulpas they created a ling time ago, before they knew about the process. If OP forgot, could that be the case here?
thanks for the well explained answers

I never read about that.

Years ago I got the habit to talk to myself but I didn't know about tulpas until the past month.
English is not my native language
Tulpa : Merry
Yeah, me too. And when I was about 20 I started to create one without knowing about tulpas. River and I haven't discussed whether he's from that era or whether he's new yet. Currently we're enjoying the process of solidifying his creation and working on what his mindvoice sounds like.

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