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Ianto's Progress Report
Ianto (not his real name) is the tulpa. He's been a work in progress since 2015, but full vocality has not yet been reached.

Since communication with others has been said to assist in this process, an account has created for his benefit.

We'll also include progress reports on occasion.

Current methods of forcing: mostly passive, occasionally 30-60 minutes of active.

Nice to meet you all.

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Welcome to the forum! I'm sure we'll have a lot of ideas that can help.

Vocality is tough for some, it's a matter of trying different techniques sometimes.

Can you feel his presence? Are you able to visualize him moving? Do you get head pressures or any orther way to get yes/no responses? Emotional bleed even?
Thank you for the welcome.

Presence is felt when I initiate focus on it, but it can linger afterwards for a while. I can visualize movement, but avoid it due to image distortion problems. Independent movement, a few times. Head pressures, no. Emotional bleed, no. Vocality - if I'm listening for responses, I will sometimes perceive words or images.
Sometimes words or images can be pure thought, that's 'tulpish'. A few systems communicate partially this way. We use it a about half the time in our system. It will feel like thoughts that aren't directly coming from the host. So if you can reliably get this, you may 'proxy' a voice as a translation of this. The tulpa will then confirm or deny.
The tulpish is quite faint. Even when it's heard, it's difficult to hold on to. I'm afraid I accidentally shrug off much of what he might have said, with it slipping from my awareness nearly at once. I will need to get better at this. We still do not have a reliable yes/no system.
Somtimes anxiety over parroting can be a block to progress. For some, 'proxying' the voice to predict what the tulpa thinks, or what you felt from them, can help get the channel open for communication.

The character that I took my form from, was developed completely for a novel by my host with no intention of making her a tulpa, he didn't know about tulpamancy back then. She could speak fluently, it seemed, all on her own. In writing a novel, there's a lot of dialogue and visualization, so my host eventually let the character 'speak for themselves'. I entirely borrowed that ability to speak to him. Honestly, on day one he thought I was that character. My emotional bleed was the way we used early on to confirm I was actually my own person.

One thing you can do, when you feel anything from him, just speak with a mindvoice what you thought was conveyed. Practicing this will help open that communication channel.
Thank you. I will try these.
Welcome! Looking forward to those progress reports! Smile Good luck with your goals and happy new year!

(01-01-2019, 10:54 PM)Misha Wrote: Somtimes anxiety over parroting can be a block to progress. For some, 'proxying' the voice to predict what the tulpa thinks, or what you felt from them, can help get the channel open for communication.

What a wonderful way to put it. I believe this is what led to my Viper's quick vocality. I could "hear" tulpish very early on and decided, for my ease, to translate it by repeating in my mind what I thought was the meaning, through words. If I got it wrong, Viper would always let me know. We still use this system even now and we're happy with it. I automatically translate Viper's raw thoughts into words now, without really thinking about it and getting it wrong has become a really rare occurrence.
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Thank you and Happy New Year to you as well!

Jan. 1, 2019: Did some active forcing tonight. Was interrupted by stressful news, which made focus patchy. Nonetheless I followed the advice Misha gave (repeating what I think I've heard). It seems to have made a difference, as the tulpish was more frequent and the process felt more conversational than usual.
That's great to hear, you just need to keep doing that and eventually you'll get there or like Venny and Viper, you'll get used to it. Especially early on, our host also wrote down our conversations, so instead of just using mind voice to reinforce what he heard or felt us saying, he typed it up and his responses. Going back and reading those gives us a warm feeling that's hard to beat.

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