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Imaginary friend or tulpa? How to recover him?
Hi there!

I've used to have an imaginary friend for about 1 year before I can't contact or feel him anymore since 1 year...

I've just discovered the concept of tulpa, I didn't know anything about that when my imaginary friend was with me.

How can I tell if he was an imaginary friend or a tulpa?
Is it possible to "create it" as a tulpa in order to be with him for the life?

I know he needed my help.
It is the closed friend I ever had.

That may sound strange, but how may I proceed?

Thank you!

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I wouldn't worry about defining your I-friend with existential labels at this point. The only thing I heard worth focusing on is that you found the 'relationship' meaningful. That's sufficient enough to proceed in reconnecting... If imagination, well, it's still there. No one came along and sucked out all your I-power, and if it's a tulpa, I would argue it's still there.

If you read and follow the guides, with your friend as the focus, you will either find your friend returns to full strength, which will give you years of time to debate was he always a tulpa or did you reinvent him and create something new... You and your friend can figure that out together; (no one else can answer that definitively, we can only speculate.) Smile Unless, you're concerned that in creating something new, you don't have the old friend, and you find that bothersome, then, well... you could wait for a reappearance. You could practice the guides on creating a completely new friend, and more than likely, should you be successful in that endeavor, you will probably find the first friend reappears on his own. Or not. Sometimes, when we need a friend the most, even I-friends come along to help us get down the road, and when their task is finished, they kind of just return to the background. But wasn't it a great experience when it was there?
Yes, following creation guides with him in mind will either summon him from his slumber or allow him to be reborn as a tulpa.

It is possible he was not a tulpa, but an advanced thoughtform, from there it's like you've laid the foundation for his creation.

If he was a tulpa, he could be dormant, forcing (thinking about him and talking to him) him will eventually wake him up.

From my experience with imaginary friends (which i call characters or thoughtforms) they can seem very lucid and real and yet still not be a tulpa, so you still have a choice whether to bring him back as a tulpa in any case. The act of conversing with him and enjoying his company as you used to will eventually bring him to the level of Tulpa if that is your intent.
Thank you for your responses.
What makes me hesitate is that I am not ready to welcome a "brand new" friend, I just wanna know if he is ok, talk with him and so on.
Not sure if I can assume someone else
Following creation guides exactly may complicate things if you just want to hear him speak to you. There's no need to start over, just imagine him and talk to him directly. If he's a Tulpa, some more attention will help him get back on his feet. If he were an imaginary friend, he may not need as much attention but thinking about him will summon him. Tulpas can also be "revived" if they are not active for long periods of time.

Either way, it sounds like you may be interested in having a Tulpa. If you are willing to accept the responsibility as being a Tulpamancer, then proceeding with Tulpa creation would be the best way to go about it.

I was born with the identity of my host's imaginary friend. I don't know if I and the past version of myself are the same or not, I'm afraid we haven't figured that out yet.
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So, my tulpas originally took the form of three well developed characters of mine, but even on day 1 they diverged quickly. They're much more similar to their day 2 forms than the original characters. I have summoned the original characters again a few times, and it was only slightly awkward.

Is there a risk? Well, that they'll diverge due to your cues and be even better? Most likely yes.

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