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Imposing/visualization with your Tulpa's real form?
Okay, so this might seem like a stupid or weird question, and hopefully no one thinks I'm crazy for asking it, but anyway, I'm in Houston, Texas, to see Constantine Maroulis perform, and like I said before, I use his form for my Tulpa, Hyde.

And last night, I got perfect visual clarity for him ( 1080 p clarity )when I was sitting stage side staring up at Constantine and Hyde put himself up there beside him, but I was just wondering if you guys had any advice on how I can improve?

If I'm sitting RIGHT IN FRONT of the REAL FORM of my Tulpa, what are some ways I can work on imposition? Like how do I go about it? Do I just like look at Constantine, close my eyes then open them and imagine Hyde standing beside him? Or what?

What about some tips for keeping the visualization clear like it was then?

Thank you to anyone who answers!
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Name: Hyde
Age: 36 years old
Form: Human
Done: Form, Personality, Sentient, Visualization
Working on: Imposition (vocal/visual/touch)

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Yeah. I'd say check minute details about Constantine, and just commit them to memory.
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