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[Imposition] Flash Imposition
Well, just now, I accidentally flash imposed my cat. I was walking downstairs, and I expected her to be in her usual spot. Once said spot was in my line of sight, I "saw" my cat sitting there for an instant, but then I realized she wasn't there. Despite the imposition being accidental and not directly related to my tulpa, I'd say it was enough proof that this trick works as long as you convince yourself something's there.
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Seems OP is unsure if this would really help for anyone. It's really Tips & Tricks at best, seeing how it's just turning your head and going through implications and suggestions that you'll see your tulpa behind you. Though I'm not sure if it could be similar to this guide submission here: (instead of looking back, this one just states you close your eyes after you looked at a photo, make suggestive commands/mantras (i.e. "When I open my eyes, I will see my tulpa in front of me"), and then open your eyes. Rinse, lather, and repeat until something happens.

Or even this that's not even in the forums:

Other than that, it seems that newcomers following the content within the guide submission are going to probably spend a long time if they don't use other supplementary aids for visualization and what have you. I'm pretty sure that going through the self-fulfilling prophecy of developing mannerisms, behaviors, and predispositions in feeling your tulpa is behind you, and anything correlated to "sensing" them is in other guide submissions already.

It's basically just one tip and I'm not sure if it's that well written. I get what it's saying and it might be a good idea, but overall I don't think this will really make anyone impose the tupper. And this isn't even unique advice or anything. I am going to agree with the disapproval.
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Disapproved, Tips and Tricks.

The advice isn't entirely new and others guides feature it, not to mention the guide author says that it's untested.

It's also a bit too forced - knowing where your tulpa is, is better than forcing them to be someplace.

Keeping an awareness of your tulpa's spatial position and *truly expecting* them to be there could result in imposition, especially if your visualization of your tulpa is good.
Disapproved for guides, approved for tips and tricks if necessary.
I'm not really sure what you guys have against it. I'd approve for Tips.
The advice does exist elsewhere but not readily available. There's a sentence or two in Fede's guide, and that's about it. There might be some other passing references in broader guides that I'm not aware of. The photo guide isn't really the same thing, and Fede's imposition guide isn't on the forum. So I wouldn't really call it redundant.

Although the OP does use plenty of uncertain terms, the advice isn't untested - it is a common tip, after all. And it's a good tip, so I'd like to see it on here somewhere. I don't think the writing itself is really bad enough to warrant a disapproval by itself either.
Approved for tips and tricks I guess.
4/9 Approve for Tips & Tricks, so the rest of the GAT members have until the end of the deadline (2-10-2014) to vote.
Not sure where you're getting those numbers from. I'm reading 5 disapprovals here. So it gets unstuck.
Schlondark's approval for tips & Tricks
Averian's approval
Waffle's approval (though I guess you changed it now)
My approval for Tips & Tricks (at best), though I guess the disapproved at the end was misleading.
NotAnonymous' comma in the beginning made me think they were supporting for Tips & Tricks, and were disapproving for Guides. (so I didn't count this)

But oh well.

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