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[Imposition] Getting Tulpa sounds and touches...thoughts?
Okay, so just as my other thread said, I've been forcing about an hour everyday now for the past two weeks or so, and I've noticed I've been getting more Imposition-like responses from Hyde. Mostly when we're lying side by side in bed.

Every now and then, I feel him caressing my hair when we're lying in bed together, or I'll be on the brink of falling asleep and I feel like someone is shaking or jostling me to wake me up. Sometimes he'll say "sorry" after that happens or he'll call out to me like: "Little one?" But he won't really have much to say after that. So it makes me wonder if it is him doing it. He sometimes confirms that it is, but sometimes I don't ask and just assume its him. I also sometimes hear the mattress making noise, the type of noise it makes when someone shifts against it, and I'm lying perfectly still when I hear it. Or I'll feel a little shake to the mattress. I've ruled this out as maybe being an earthquake, so it's not that.

As far as sounds go, I haven't heard his voice yet with my own ears. He says he's still trying and wants to get it right, just the way I want him to sound, but there are a couple weird things I have heard. Once I heard the sound of someone knocking on the wall on his side of the bed. Then a day or so ago, we were lying in bed and I had the distinct feeling that he had forced himself a stethoscope to try and listen to my back with it, and the next thing I hear is the sound of metal clinking against metal, as if he's playing with the metal neck of the stethoscope or has thrown it against something. It was weird, but coincidental since he had just tried to listen to my breathing. I asked him about both those sounds and he confirms it was him, but I'm still skeptical.

Have any of you experienced little sounds like this from your Tulpa?

Is it the beginning of him trying to vocally impose, you think?
"Listening to her heartbeat makes me feel alive." - Hyde

Name: Hyde
Age: 36 years old
Form: Human
Done: Form, Personality, Sentient, Visualization
Working on: Imposition (vocal/visual/touch)

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I hear Bud with my own ears from time to time, but it's completely sporadic and neither of us have any control.

As for feeling the bed move and things like that, when Bud was still little I could feel him curled up between Bree and I from time to time when I was nearly asleep.

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