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[Imposition] How real can imposition get?
Hi this is my first time posting here but I have a question about imposition, exactly how real can it get? Like does your it let your tulpa look clear as day and feel exactly real or is it just a faint feeling and barley visible sight? I would imagine they would start out very faint and then proceed to get more and more real the more time you put into it is this right?

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From what I've heard, it is possible to get so good at imposition that an imposed tulpa is nearly indistinguishable from a physical person, though of course they start out seeming very faint and get more vivid with time and practice.
Oh ok thank you
You're welcome!
i've seen snow manifest afew times, mostly as a small or medium somewhat visible outline of her braxien form, or as a small light flick. i know it;s her because the light flick is usually orange or red.


I haven't been able to visually impose Toby yet but I can feel him pretty vividly. Like today I felt bad for failing at quitting smoking and he was sitting next to me like rubbing my shoulders trying to reassure me and I felt that almost like someone was actually doin it.

That happens a lot. I can only imagine if I can feel him that vividly then seeing him, in time would be equally as vivid.
Imposition is hallucinating, so, yeah, it feels just the same as any other object. If you weren't aware that they're a hallucination, you probably wouldn't even be able to put your hand through them. You'd be surprised how often people are fooled by their brain. Imposition is fooling your brain into fooling you (to put it simply). That's why it's so hard for everyone, it's hard to fool your brain.
Thank you for the replies Big Grin but I have one more question. Can you physically interact with your tulpa? I know you can apply touch to them and feel them but can you say pick them up or move them around or no?
Yes, this is possible. With enough practice you might even be able to feel the weight of your tulpa if that's what you want. All interaction would be the same, just as physical. This doesn't go for the tulpa though, who can't lift you or physically hurt you (punch you in the teeth, et cetera...).

Hope I could help!
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You can try to move your hand through an imposed tulpa but there won't be any resistance for your hand passing through them unless you somehow find a way to do that artificially.
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