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[Imposition] I have this question
Now I by no means am ready to even attempt Imposition, but I've been reading quite a bit about it because I think I will try it in the future. Now this one I present in my mind seemed like it would be the most effective, but... its a bit awkward at the same time.

Now, In several of the guides I read that you visualize your tulpa sitting in a chair and basically feel them up. Now It sounds kind of weird. What Im basically asking do you HAVE to feel EVERY part of them? Like certain areas on their bodies? I'd feel rather uncomfortable having to do that though.

Im not trying to be intentionally pervy or anything like that, its just caution and curiousity. So do you have to feel EVERY part of them or just get a basic feel of them?

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Haha, no, you don't, though for most it won't make much of a difference feeling those bits I assume you're referring too. In the past, underwear is good enough (sometimes Quilten gets a bit horny so I have to calm him down or...). Anyway, it really won't make much of a difference unless your tupper tends to walk around butt naked.

I hope I was able to assist in answering your question. Whatever happens, good luck!
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You can choose to exclude certain parts, but you won't know how those will feel when imposed. Every part of the human body has feeling. Would you deny your tulpa that? Sure, feeling certain parts of their dick or vagina might be awkward for you, but in the end, you were doing it for their development, and not for your enjoyment. And just getting a basic feel isn't enough if you want to complete them, you'll need a more realistic one if you want them to feel, well, real.
In the end it your tulpa, your relationship and your journey. If your not comfortable doing something, don't do it and if you are comfortable then have at it.
Alright. At least it gives me something to ponder x.x
I never got that, why would you have to touch impose those things anyway? Are you going to be touching them there??? Seriously. The mind is exceptionally good at filling in gaps if there are gaps anyway.
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Its less about the visualizing of your tulpa and more of being able to "Feel" them I believe. So when you try to give em a highfive or something you can feel their hand technically speaking. But for those other parts.....I dont know x.x

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