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[Imposition] Imposition and DID?
I don't have a tulpa and I've never attempted to create one, but I do have alters, and I was wondering if it would be possible to practice imposition with an existing alter so that I could eventually see and touch them. Does anyone have any experience with this? Would it be harmful in any way?

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No experience with it, but imposition isn't just for tulpas. You can learn to visualize and impose anything. I would get the alter in question involved in the process. If it's you imposing their appearance, will that alter have control over that form? I guess that's one risk: you create a shell that no one operates, or that mimics the alter but is not them. However, if you have good communication with this alter and they can be a part of imposition training, I would say, go ahead.

The other concern is if the alter isn't nice, and you don't trust them with the ability to make you hallucinate and see/hear them. If you have bad communication with them or they don't act healthily toward you, imposition is probably not where to spend your time.
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Hi retrovideo; multiple/plural here.

In my experience, both personal and other plurals I know? Any/all of the tulpamancy techniques can be done. Depending on your set up some will be easier/harder, more/less beneficial, redundant, etc.. And as J+C points out potentially problematic depending on your set up.

There is some go to DID101 stuff you might want to try first if you have not already: system mapping, journaling, etc.. Tulpa stuff that specifically applies that you might want to try before imposition would be shared wonderland creation and improving internal communication in general. Even more basic (remedial tulpamancy and DID) is simply an acknowledgement of the others existence, right to exist, and sentience.

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