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[Imposition] Making tulpas "real"
I recently started working on imposing Toby and So far I can see him perfectly in my minds eye and knowin where he is at any givin moment isn't an issue at all.

My question is, has anyone imposed to the point where they can see their tulpa with their own two eyes? I've only done it twice and each time was an accident.

If anyone has done this, what methods worked for you? Do you see them all the time or only when you want to?


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I used to be able to see Bud in quite a realistic light. He wasn't fully sentient then and he was more like a doll, but I could see him just fine. Now that he's become more himself, it's harder. If he stays still, he's still very real, but when ever he moves on his own or does his own thing, I have to concentrate more and he becomes really translucent. We're working on it though.
Did seeing him just happen for you or was there something you did to develope that ability?
I used to impose things all the time when I was younger. I didn't exactly know what I was doing, and I had quite the vivid imagination. I'm a bit of a pyromaniac. I've never committed arson or anything like that, I'm a stress burner. I like a nice, small controlled fire that I feel I can channel my cause of stress into and it helps a great deal so I don't need larger burns.

What does that have to do with imposition? I used to, and still do, impose flame in times when I can't burn. Kinda like how a nicotine patch or gum helps with cigarettes.

I think it's why we've had such a problem with imposition now that Bud moves on his own. Everything I've ever imposed has been under my personal control, but now that Bud's movement isn't under that control, I have to relearn how to see him.

My suggestion to you is to try and learn how to impose simple things. Look at a candle's flame (of course I went with fire, lol) for a length of time, then close your eyes and try to see it in your mind's eye. Continue this until you can recall the flame in your mind's eye without having to look at the candle. Now blow the candle out and continue trying to visualize it in your mind's eye. Once you can do this, work on open eye visualization. Use that flame in your mind's eye and try to see it with your eyes open. It will eventually become more real and real.

You can do this with just about anything. A ball, a chair, any mundane object you don't mind staring at for a length of time.

You can also simply concentrate on your tupper, but exercising imposition in other ways will aid you immensely.

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