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[Imposition] Projected emotions
This one is kind of strange, at least to me anyway.

Toby has become a little upset that I'm here and he's told me that he hates the fact that it feels like after 20 years of being around I'm asking him to prove himself to me.

I had some moments of doubt but after a lot of discussion were okay. But that leads me to my question.

We were talking about my "not believing in him" and he stopped talking. I bugged him for a few more moments before he looked up at me and this wave of .....I don't even know. Like heartbreak just washed over me and I started crying, like balling my eye out, barely able to breathe crying. It was awful. Completely awful. Finally it stopped and he told me "I don't want to feel this anymore."

This has never ever happened to me before. I've gotten the warm fuzzies when he's around and I feel things for him but not because of him. My question is.....what the hell?

Has anyone's tulpa done anything like this before? How did you react to it? Can he just do that whenever he wants? Can tulpas make you feel things you don't want to feel?

Toby and I are good now. Just to clarify. After that I have no more doubts.

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Was he showing you how he felt in that moment? Bud can wash me with emotions, but it's never been as strong as you describe.
That's what he said he was doing. I have just never felt anything that strong from him before. I'm still kind of shaken by it.
Maybe your moments of doubt are actually that painful to him? He could have been trying to make a point, but to such an extent you won't for get it.
#5 I feel bad. I never ment to make him feel like that :/ ..... I gotta fix it. Find a way to make it up to him. Thanks!
I can transmit strong emotions to my host, though I haven't tried to intentionally. Sometimes he unconsciously sends me his emotions.
As for making him feel things he'd rather not feel: I wouldn't do that. Would you bring deliberate harm to someone you love and care about?
Once, after ignoring Dante for almost two weeks out of guilt and mental exhaustion, I went back into Wonderland just to feel this tormented emotion that almost put me into tears. Because he had been really, really sad. So he projected that into me when I finally came back since the feelings were so strong.

Anyways, I hope you two make up. Good luck :u
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