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[Imposition] Projection: Tulpa-controlled Imposition
[Tri] We like the angle, going from the tulpa side. We have not really seen any of this in an imposition/projection guide in the community before. We have seen a few bits and pieces like it scattered about, but no attempt at a guide. It is unique. And frankly, it is a much needed angle.

Like the others said, it isn't there due to missing the how. We look forward to the changes you said you are planning on making. We do want to give a suggestion. It seems like a good first step before trying to make a hallucination of one's form might be to try projecting simpler things and not associating with them - say dots, then lines, then shapes, then simple objects, and then trying one's form. Working one's way up, essentially. Now, for the association, that is the hard part. Tulpas have to essentially dissociate from the body's senses and presence and then associate with the projected form. Seems like doing a bit of dissociation work and practice here on the part of the tulpa might help facilitate this. This is to speculative because we can project ourselves to some degree and never really had much trouble with the associating part. Just, that seems like it might be a reasonable suggestion.

Also, it is worth noting, for tulpas and hosts who can switch, a host could use the same technique to project themselves when a tulpa is in control.
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