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[Imposition] q2's method for a huggable tulpa, v2
(03-16-2018, 01:55 AM)Spice Wrote: I'm so glad you wrote this! I contacted you on reddit saying how much you guys inspired me with my tulpa journey, and reading this feels so refreshing and amazing. I never thought I'd want to impose but spice is practically doing visual stuff by herself, trying to get me to see her most of the time when we talk, pushing up against my back, etc. With the more specific instructions in this guide, I think we're going to make some great progress. Thank you for writing and posting this!

quick edit to clarify something after applying some of these techniques today. at what point do i go from seeing the tulpa like i would if my eyes were closed and i was looking at my wonderland, to seeing them as if they were really there? Making that leap, getting even a shadow of a vivid hallucination, seems unbelievably difficult (even though I know it isn't)

The sculpting helps make it more tangible, and the more realistic it gets, after lots and lots of focus on the visual form, the more solid it will become. You'll have to spend lots of time staring at it, really, and sculpting away any inconsistencies to leave you with a perfect visualization head to toe. Then you stare at it more. If needed, impose other senses first to help it come naturally as "real" (if it already has a scent, your mind is more likely to agree that it's there), or try meditating with a focus on nothing but the visual form.

(03-16-2018, 12:25 PM)I'mBadAtNames Wrote: This gives some specific intructions, but I need to ask one thing: is it, in any way, possible for me to impose my tulpa in any other sense without having any sort of visuals except an accurate spatial sense? Most of this guide involves using visuals to make the experience of practicing imposition more real and vivid, which I get the reasoning of, but if someone with total mind's eye blindness (read: me) and a completely accurate spatial sense of their tulpa (read: not me but working on it) wishes to impose a tulpa using senses that are other than visual, would it be possible to do so? If so, what kind of method would you recommend for this? I mean, if a person could identify the boundaries of their tulpa, would they be able to, theoretically, follow your exercise? Thank you, and I apologise if this is not the place for me to ask such questions.

Luminesce is right - you can skip one step and still succeed with the others. It'll just be a matter of finding the boundaries. From there, all other things should apply the same way. As for finding them, with no visual form, perhaps try doing it with your eyes closed? There's no inconsistent data about the tulpa seemingly not being there if you can't see anything at all anyway, after all. Either way, however you do it, yes - their form having boundaries is arguably the more important part, and if you can pull that off, everything else will work just fine!
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