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[Imposition] Sleep Paralysis
So I had this idea floating around in my head and I thought I might get the opinions of some more experienced tulpaforcers on it.

As you might conclude, I was thinking about the use sleep paralysis as a means of imposition forcing. It should be noted that this would have to be conducted by both those that are "used" to sleep paralysis (ie those that can keep a level head during it.) and those with an already imposed tulpa.

I was thinking that this 'method' could be used to assist in touch imposition, as many report that they can often 'feel' their hallucinations wrapping their arms around them, choke them, compress their chest, etc. If this same level of touch sensory input could be achieved in the waking, mobile world with your tulpa, you might have a whole new level of realism (apart from outside objects/people passing through them, of course.)

As for the steps involved, it might take quite the mental gymnast, as it would take both controlling/maintaining the paralyzed state whilst summoning your tulpa into it. Whether or not this will translate into normal life is unknown, but is the hopeful outcome of this 'exercise'.

I understand it's a little far fetched, but it might prove useful if you know what you're doing. I won't ask anyone to try it, as it's quite the experience, I hear. I can't currently do it as I've never experienced sleep paralysis nor is my tulpa anywhere near imposition. It's more just a topic of discussion.

What do you think? Is this at least plausible? If so, is it viable?

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I think it's plausible and viable, and I think some personal experiences would help with this kind of research. With enough practice it might be possible, so I'd be interested to see what happens.
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No, unlike lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis can't be induced. And you only notice if it's sleep paralysis if you try to move your body and you can't, wich means you'll mostly likely keep trying to move until you really wake up. I have experience in it, it's not pleasant at all. In the rare case you'll be able to calm yourself and think straight, you will get out of sleep paralysis.
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With everything I've heard and read about sleep paralysis, I don't think it'd be a very good idea. I'm not sure you could control what you see. Your mind would be in a transition from dream to waking, so unless you happened to be dreaming about your tulpa, or can summon thoughts about the tulpa instantaneously as you begin to stir, I don't see how one could see their tulpa this way.

I would also imagine forcing yourself into sleep paralysis would be difficult. It just sort of happens when conditions are right. Laying on your back and sleeping may not yield that much. But for me, personally, laying on my back while sleeping makes it easier to lucid dream and hear voices/sounds outside my head. Which is actually terrifying- hearing things. I heard white noise once and it scared the daylights out of me and woke me up. That's not sleep paralysis, though.

Oh man, I'd be scared that seeing my tulpa during sleep paralysis would make me more scared of my tulpa. It's supposed to freak the person out while it's happening- seeing your tulpa during that time may not be as happy a moment as you's want it to be.
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