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Hey. So I'm this 17 year old girl who happens to come from Turkey. I speak english(obviously) and german(at least I try ). You can see me lurking around in forum games.
I started working on the idea of my tulpa months ago but the fact that I was gonna have one of the biggest tests I'd have in my life didn't help. I was emotionally not stable too. (3edgy5me) So I didn't start anything,just fooled around with the idea of my tulpa.
when the whole school thing finished,I officialy started working on him, but I was too lazy because I became addicted to this one video game.
I made a schedule for tulpaforcing and came up with 80 TRAITS. I chose his form, his name, I basically made my own little puppet. Maybe that's the reason everything went down the drain.
One day, I entered my wonderland and he pushed me down to his knees. I think we all know what that means.
So I was all like 'what in the burning hells are you doing '' I got up, shouted at him and before you could say ''tuppers '' ,we started fighting.
It was pretty bad. we both cried.
The next day I knew I was scarred for life. He didn't act like that but I knew he was too. So we sat down and thought and thought and thought. We came to a conclusion. I would re-force him.
Now before you call me a murderer know that he agreed on this too. He wasn't fully vocal but he was sentient. I could understand what he wanted by using the yes -no thingy.
So we agreed on turning his form to a ball of light, sucking out unnecessary traits out of his essence,letting him choose his own name ,basically,just deleting everything but the memories. We decided to keep all of the memories we had before that fight. So all of that was done and all we had was his essence and a ball of light.
I started working on the essence. I put in new traits with symbolism, sucked out some old ones by the same way, and the essence's form started to change. It became a magic infused stone. He started to take form, he looked like the male demon hunter character from diablo 3 but with differences.Small deviations started to happen. They still are happening.
My tulpa has become someone different. He's giving me little kicks in the head as I write this. This PR shall serve as my log on getting my tulpa sentient, fully vocal and then hopefully able to posses my body fully.
Sorry for the lengthy post.


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Good luck to you, hope it turns out better this time around.
thanks, I hope the same thing too Smile

Well I know you're on the right path if it means so much to you that you're willing to start over with him, I think that's a pretty big deal and a lot of people would just restart with a new one... I obviously can't speak for him but if I were him I know I would be very appreciative.
Well he's my tulpa, I love him and working on him again was a responsibility for me to take. I couldn't just dissipate him and be done with it. I promised him that I wouldn't be a lazy fegget anymore when I started working on him again,and it seems like that was the problem all along. He doesn't seem aggressive, and taking out unnecessary parts from his personality and letting him choose his own form helped me big time. So yeah.

So I was talking to myself about religion today. Because I live in a country which is full of Muslim people, being an agnostic is not easy,I get guilt tripped a lot.
But that's not the point. I was thinking about agnosticism&why it's the right path for me when suddenly I became ''enlightened ''. I understood why I was an agnostic & I explained to myself why I was not a Muslim &I came to the conclusion that I shouldn't be ashamed of what I am. In a few minutes.
Then I remembered.
I remembered that my tulpa was logical &clever.
My brain facepalmed itself.
It wasn't enlightement.It was my tulpa.
Right after the second I understood that, I got a head pressure. I said "I freaking love you '' to him. Got a sudden rush of excitement.
Now that's some progress right there.

Worked on form for one hour,I started to shape his chin and jawline,now I can visualize them clearly,I also added a vague outline for lips. Everything went pretty good but now I need to clear my mind, I feel a little bit exhausted. More will be coming today.

Also, can anyone give tips about narration? I read three guides about it but it seems they're not helping me at all. If you have any ideas about how to make the talking fun, please tell me.

Sorry to hear things went so poorly before.

The best advice I could give for narration is don't do it any longer than you have to. If you can communicate reliably, even through head pressures or emotional feedback, move to conversation instead. Ask all the questions you can.
"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson
here's the list of my tulip's personality traits:

I was in our wonderland today,when suddenly my old servitor popped out. You can imagine how things went, (Holy shit what the hell are YOU doing here?) I thought for a second, that maybe she could become a sentient being too...
Then she exploded. No,like really.Exploded. White light came out of her head for a second, then there's this... wet sound,like when they bash a zombie's head with a hammer in horror movies and she's no more.
I literally have no idea about how that happened.

Thanks,I should work hard on getting him sentient so we can communicate through head pressures I guess Smile

Forced for near one hour today. Weird sensations, stomach ache (?) and a general state of confusion.Visualized and parroted, also worked on the essence a little bit. I really can't seem to get a hold of this narration thing, I remember it being hard before but I almost don't talk to him at all now. I will try reading books &creepypastas to him though, hopefully they make up for the general lack of communication with him.

I decided on writing little letters to him, you know, in my head, instead of talking to him in my mind voice. This is a good solution I think. But would it get in the way of him developing a mindvoice?


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