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Is she turning into a servitor?
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Is she turning into a servitor?

I've been making really good progress with Hope, my white fox tulpa. But I feel like it's for the wrong reasons...

My active forcing sessions only last 20 minutes each, but today I've done 2 (one in the bath and one in bed after a nap). I feel like I'm approaching passive forcing incorrectly as it is, simply talking to her in my head but getting distracted and it feels forced what I'm talking about when it's passive

In my 20mins in the bath today I decided to use a yes/no and one option/two option method of communication with her where she makes one of my hands pulse more than the other - I ask a question and she makes the pulsing of my left hand more intense for yes (I can only do this when I'm in a very relaxed state) and pulse on my right hand for no etc but I feel like my mind is playing tricks on me and my brain is intensifying what I would like her to say rather than actually her, which I'm trying to avoid

Another instance that I think she may be turning into a sevitor is that when I imagining us walking down the road in our wl, I began thinking to myself 'it would be cute if Hope did [this]" and then she would do it - two examples of this are when I was like 'i wonder if Hope would jump on my back...' and so she did almost instantly? and then I thought later on when i was just talking to her while I was in bed in our wonderland 'it'd be cute if she curled up on my lap' so hope walked forward and curled up on my lap

Is this her doing it herself or me puppeting her to do this because i keep thinking to myself it would be nice if she did? I really don't want her to be a servitor
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RE: Is she turning into a servitor?

[Eli] honestly it just sounds like you're worrying too much: tulpa when they're underdeveloped are really simplistic so yeah they can look like a servitor for a time, but they will get more complex. On the early stage it's not uncommon for them to stick to simple yes/no answers.
Plus it's also possible that you're parroting a little - making him/her do things directly. It's no big deal either (it can even be a development tool!) but you shouldn't do it too much. Simply stop assuming what they'll do and just let them do whatever.  
Finally I think that it's far easier to get a tulpa than a servitor for a beginner, so once again don't worry. Just let yourself go and try to force with them without too much expectations and it'll be fine.
09-27-2017, 09:52 PM
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RE: Is she turning into a servitor?

[Frostbite] Sounds like she is developing along the tulpa path, not the servitor path.

Developed tulpas, like hosts, tend to do some of the things that they think about (some, but not all, since people have thoughts they will try to follow and ones they will not, as determined by their experiences and knowledge). Young developing tulpas often don't have as developed filters (or filters at all yet) to separate thoughts they will act on and ones they wont, and the barriers between them and the thoughts of others in the system (such as their host) are much smaller so they tend to absorb their host's thoughts to varying degrees. These two things combine to make many young tulpas very suggestible. As tulpas develop and grow and gain experience, this will decrease as their insulating barriers grow, they develop their filters, and they have an easier time thinking more complex things completely on their own. If you think about it, having will is asically suggestibility to one's own thoughts, ability to reject the thoughts of others, and having the ability to think complex things. The suggestibility to thoughts (the first) is critical actually. There is no chance at a person having will without it. Just, the latter two take time to develop with young tulpas. Interestingly, hosts are also suggestible to a lesser degree, but have long developed filters and often, but not always, high insulating barriers (some have very low since they haven't lived with anyone else in the same brain yet). It is even possible for a person to deliberately make themselves more suggestible to others, which is in fact used for eclipsing (in the typical case, the host makes themselves very suggestible so that a tulpa can control the body by basically puppetting their host).

Servitors tend to be less suggestible even in the beginning. They have their tasks to do and suggestibility usually is to the detriment of the tasks. The opposite of suggestibility is often a part of their programming (they need to do the thing even if no else wants to after all). While it takes time to make a servitor, that difference in intention and plan does tend to have some effect on their early development even before they are finished (expectations have some power).

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