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is this me or is it my tulpa?
so i am so incredibly new to this as in i discovered it last night lol. i made the decision to start developing a tulpa almost immediately because ive already wanted to do something like this since forever - i just had no name or method for it.

it's also worth noting that i have also had the ability to develop character personalities incredibly quickly, which helped me create Naomi (my tulpa) at the same speed; i had the idea of naomi, her appearance, and her personality all within about ten to twenty minutes last night.

I have been both active and passive forcing her all morning. i have always had the ability to visualize very very vividly and it's really easy for me to visualize her. i have asked her things and in my minds eye she has nodded yes or no in response; she's even laughed (albeit it's more of a cute giggle).

however, i don't know if this was me or if it was naomi. am i just imagining these responses because i expect them? or am i really communicating?

tl;Dr: my tulpa can nod yes or no in response to questions and even giggle a little; but i don't know if it's actually her or if i'm just expecting it so i parrot it. help and opinions?

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If it felt that it wasn't you, then it wasn't you. Just assume it was your tulpa.
Miri the host: 5'5 female, brown hair and green eyes.
Miri the tulpa: based off the host. Same description as above.
Akai: 5'6 female with red hair, blue eyes and fox ears/tail.
What Miri said. Also, consider a character as a vessel for a tulpa, and you can develope that character for any length of time. As soon as you start thinking of that character as a tulpa, eventually a tulpa you will have.

Based on what little you said, it's likely that you have what you suspected you have.
It's definitely possible (and likely) that your mind is just trying to fill in the gaps you present. I wouldn't assume that any early responses are coming from your tulpa however, even if they're consistent; you wouldn't want yourself to get into the bad habit of attributing every little thing to your tulpa because that has the potential to cause issues later down the line. Assuming that you're comfortable with the idea, treat the responses as if they're coming from a sentient thoughtform - if you get an immediate answer after asking a question, roll with whatever response you get and play off of it even if it's inconsistent.

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