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Is this normal.
I'm just going to list a somethings and I would like to know if that is normal,plz.

My tulpa switching voice types , She says she is trying to find a voice she likes but she's always talking in the same 4 voices

Nothing else..yet :3

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My tulpa often switched up her voice before finding one she liked. It is perfectly fine if they'd like to experiment a bit, no issue there.
A lot of tulpas switch between voices to find the one that they want, and it applies to forms as well. She'll probably settle on something eventually.
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I find mine changing their voices every now and then. Same goes for their form, and I find myself wondering if they're ever going to be satisfied with things, but the changes are subtle. Maybe over time, your tulpa will find a voice they'll be content with, but don't be intimidated if they're experimenting with things. It's kind of an obvious thing to be cognizant of, especially if you're just starting out with development and what have you.

Maybe people get more worried over short-term things, thinking it'll affect them in the long run, but they're really just transient phases in general. Unless your tulpa speculates too much on what their ideal identity, and sense of self should be for a long period of time, don't be too worried about what's going on.
Same with mine to be honest. Two of mine went through a complete change, modifying their forms and names; they have changed their voices many times as well.

In your case, your tulpa will eventually find a voice that satisfies her for a time.
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My tulpas did the same thing, Ruby wasn't sure what voice she wanted until she eventually settled on sounding vaguely reminiscent to Christina Ricci as Cynder (Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon). Even then, they still sometimes change voices, but they both have their 'default' voices for lack of better terms.
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